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For our 9th DIY, we're making handheld weights... water bottle weights to be exact. These water bottle weights give a whole new meaning to the term “thirst trap”. These DIY weights are the new guys in town and they’re taking over more and more as people look for a way to reduce, reuse, and recycle. And of course, MAKE GAINZ!!!

So with that SWOLE thing in mind (okay, I’ll stop now), we’ll get started with our ocean-friendly DIY.

How to Make Water Bottle Weights

Water Bottle Weights are very simple and they’re a great way to repurpose trash. This may seem trivial but every little bit helps, y'all!

To make some awesome DIY water weights, all you need is the following

  •  Water or sand
  • 1-liter - 5-liter Plastic Bottle (sizes & shapes can vary)

Sand-filled Bottle Weights

1 Litre bottle = 1.5kg

1.5 Litre bottle = 2.3kg

2 Litre bottle = 3.1kg

2.5 Litre bottle = 3.8kg

3 Litre bottle = 4.6kg

5 Litre bottle = 7.65kg

***1 litre = 1kg for water-filled bottle weights

Step #1 Fill Bottle

Nothing too tricky here. Using a funnel is best but if you don’t have one, try using a piece of paper rolled into the bottle as pictured below. Please note, this only works if you’ve chosen sand as your filler. 

Step #2 Seal Bottle

Simply reseal the bottles and if you feel like being extra safe you can add some superglue too. 

Step #3 Start Getting Swole!

Check out the water bottle exercises below or try any exercises that call for dumbbells or kettlebells

PRO-TIP: These weights are awesome for travel too. If you know you can't bring your gear with you, these are a great way to preserve your routine without overloading your bag. 

Do you like to reuse plastic bottles too? Check out some other ways to use them for the good of our planet below and stay tuned in for our 10th DIY next week!

Guest Post: Sydney Capello


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