Don't be dumb, pick up these 'bells

A dumbbell is a dumbbell is a dumbbell, right?

Yeah, pretty much.


Of course I'm going to be honest with you, Fringe Fam.

We are always working hard to bring you the best gear, and in many ways, we can reinvent the wheel and bring you awesome stuff.

In fact, remember when everyone said "Don't drop ten pound bumper plates!"?

And then we came out with our famous OneFitWonder bumpers and we said...

Go ahead and drop away... even off the roof!

Back to dumbbells (WHICH ARE ON SALE UP TO 28% OFF TODAY).


That's not to say our dumbbells are the same as all the other dumbbells in the world.

As per usual, we worked our magic to make them a bit more durable, a bit better, and we still deliver them with FREE SHIPPING and a great price (that's even better due to the sale).

So, what have we done here?

  • Hex heads made from rubber- we took what we learned producing the most durable, best-reviewed bumper plates in the world and applied that technology to the rubber heads of these dumbbells. Voila, durable heads that won't fall off.
  • Ergonomic, goldilocks-knurled chrome plated handles. Feel great in your hands, look great on the rack.
  • Hex heads that minimize noise and damage to your floors... and won't roll away after a set
That's all well and good, but dumbbells aren't used in WODs, right?


If you've been watching Games and Regional programming, single arm DB snatches and ground to overhead have been cropping up more and more.

Plus dumbbells are great for farmer's walks, single arm movements, and more.

Oh yeah, and meathead stuff.

And I say that with love.

I've been adding in a lot of light weight accessory work with dumbbells to my routines, and my shoulders have been loving me for it.

Try supersetting skull crushers with curls with overhead pressing.

Oh yeah, and the sale ends soon, so get your dumbbells now.

Thanks for reading,


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