Black Bumper Plate Sets


Black Bumper Plate Sets

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What You Need To Know About Fringe Sport Bumper Plate Sets

Black bumper plates by Fringe Sport are manufactured to go toe to toe with any bumper plate on the market. They are constructed with virgin rubber, formulated specifically for its durability, density, and low bounce. Most importantly, they go through the most customer-focused manufacturing, quality control, and shipping process in the industry so you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality plates.

  • 3 Year Warranty on 25's, 35's, 45's, 55's; 1 Year warranty on 10's and 15's, with FREE returns.
  • Extremely durable, will last for years in a garage or affiliate.
  • Expertly designed "hooked" stainless steel insert that remains firmly seated.
  • Higher density means thinner bumpers and you can fit more weight on the bar.
  • Low, dead bounce makes these safe in tight spaces.
  • Plates are in pounds and are sold in pairs.
  • Kilogram conversions are included on the plate.

Package Contents and Specifications

  • Quantity: 2 - Black Bumper Plates per weight included in set. (1 Pair)
  • Weight: 10-55 pounds each
  • Weight Tolerance: +/- 1% of declared weight
  • Full Diameter: 15 - 55 pound plates: 450mm (~17.7 inches) width, 10 pound plate: 445mm (17.5 inches)
  • Insert Diameter: 2 inches
  • Bumper Plate Widths: 55's - 3.2", 45's - 2.9", 35's - 2.35", 25's - 1.87", 15's - 1.2", 10's - 1.05"
  • Durometer: 10's and 15's are 90 sHA; the 25, 35, 45 and 55 pound bumpers are 85 sHA.
  • Material: Virgin rubber, stainless steel insert
  • Warranty: 3 Year Warranty on 25's, 35's, 45's and 55's; 1 Year warranty on 10's and 15's, with FREE returns

Set Contents

10/15/25 - 100lbs - $199 Savings $13: This is a great starter set. Use the 10s and 15s to help with technique to start, and then as you get stronger you can move up to the 25s.

10/25/45 - 160lbs - $274 Savings $43: These are all the weights that you will need to get in Olympic lifting with bumper plates. Use the 10s to help with technique to start, and then as you get stronger you can move up to the 25s and 45s and really start pounding the ground with those weights. Traditional iron weights can be used to supplement this set if you need more weight.

15/25/45 - 170lbs - $309 Savings $18: This set follows the same basic idea as the Entry Level, with the added benefit of a beefier 15 lb plate instead of the 10. 10s are by far the most oft-destroyed plate because of their size, so this set aims to eliminate that concern.

10/25/55 - 180lbs - $325 Savings $22: This set follows the same basic idea as the Entry Level, with another added benefit of a 55 pound plate instead of the 45 pound plates. This is a great set for someone who has already been lifting and knows they need the extra weight. 

10/15/25/45 - 190lbs - $349 Savings $32: For those that want to make their weight jumps a little smaller and want some additional rubber to add to the bars. The 15s by themselves are still mainly for technique, but their added weight definitely makes them sturdier than the 10 lb bumpers.

10/25/35/45 - 230lbs - $389 Savings $57: What more is there to say? This set is a great option for pretty much anybody that wants to incrementally make gains.

10/25/45/45 - 250lbs - $421 Savings $65: Who needs the 35 pounder? We threw that out in favor of another 45, to give you 20 more pounds to work with in this set. Because it still has the smaller weights, this is a great option for pretty much anybody that wants to work their way up to some heavy weights.

10/15/25/35/45 - 260lbs - $424 Savings $86: This 260 pound full set of OneFitWonder bumper plates is a must for the well-stocked home gym. Multiple sets are great for commercial gyms as well. This set comes with 5 pairs of black full rubber bumper plates- one set each of 10 pound, 15 pound, 25 pound, 35 pound, and 45 pound plates.

10/15/25/45/45/45 - 370lbs - $619 Savings $100: This 370 pound set of OFW bumper plates ensures that all your bases are covered, for 1 or two people. Whether you are a novice lifter or throwing around some real weight, this set has the weights you need. Need to go heavier? You can either add iron in or contact us for a custom quote on a larger package.

10/15/25/35/45/55 - 370lbs - $629 Savings $80: This 370 pound full set of OneFitWonder bumper plates is a great option for those who want to lift more at their garage gym. This set includes the hurly burly 55b plate to our regular complete package. This comes with 6 pairs of rubber bumper plates - one set each of 10 pound, 15 pound, 25 pound, 35 pound, 45 pound, and 55 pound.

See How Durable Our Bumpers Are - Watch Us Throw Them Off The Roof

Video Review Of Our Bumper Plates

Why Choose Bumper Plates by Fringe Sport?

Not all bumpers are created equal. Here's why your next bumper plates should be Fringe Sport bumpers:

  • Fringe Sport bumper plates feature a steel insert that is designed to far outperform most any others bumpers in the industry. A steel insert will take much more abuse without malforming - and it is machined to exact tolerances to fit all high-quality olympic bars.
  • Fringe Sport bumpers use a rubber formulation that combines the ideal mix of low bounce with high durability. Some bumper plates bounce too much- they are potentially unsafe. Other bumpers are too brittle- and they easily chip and fall apart. Not Fringe Sport bumper plates!
  • Fringe Sport bumpers 10 and 15 pound bumpers are much more stable because they have a high durability, "hooked" steel insert. This makes them more stable than most 10 or 15 pound bumpers which are the most fragile bumper plates out there, due to their thinness and lack of durability.
  • Fringe Sport bumpers are thinner than many of the competing bumpers because they are made of a virgin rubber - so you can load more weight on your bar!
  • Fringe Sport bumpers all have the same standard diameter- you can mix and match to load your bar.
  • Finally, Fringe Sport bumper plates are backed by our no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee- plus a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer. Use them and love them- or send them back FREE!

More information

How can I choose the bumper plates that are right for me?

Bumper plates come in a few standard sizes, and are generally sold in pounds or kilograms. Fringe Sport bumpers are sold by the pound. Here is a chart with rough pound and kilogram weights:

Bumper Weight Best Weight For:
10 lbs ~ 5 kg Great for teaching or learning Olympic lifts.
15 lbs ~ 7 kg Same uses as the 10s, but this offers greater durability at only a slightly heavier weight.
25 lbs ~ 11 kg A very popular weight as they are very durable and throwing these on an Oly bar gives you 95 pounds (Fran Rx).
35 lbs ~ 16 kg A great size for adding more weight on the bar.
45 lbs ~ 20 kg The most popular size for gyms - 45's really let you load up your bar and make some serious strength gains.
55 lbs ~ 25 kg When the 45s just don't cut it, we have 55lb bumpers to add some serious weight to the bar.

What is a bumper plate?

A bumper plate is a weight plate for Olympic bars that is made almost entirely of rubber (with a steel or brass collar in the middle that accepts an Olympic bar).

Why bumper plates?

The "end state" of the Olympic lift is overhead or at the shoulder. Many lifters drop the weights from overhead. Since bumper plates are almost entirely rubber, being dumped from the shoulder or overhead will not damage the weights, bar, floor, bystanders, the lifter, etc...

Bumper plates are also great for garage gym use - the rubber construction is much quieter than traditional metal construction.

What exercises can I do with bumper plates?
For the most part bumper plates are used with a barbell, but you can also do exercises with a single bumper plate for an effective workout.
  • Snatch
  • Clean and Jerk
  • Press
  • Thruster
  • Deadlift
  • Squat
  • Bench
  • Overhead lunge
  • And even more!

View our blog for 5 Ways to Utilize Your Bumper Plates for additional exercises.

Frequently Asked Questions

How wide are these bumpers?

  • 55's - 3.25", 45's are 2.9'', 35's are 2.35'', 25's are 1.87'' 15's are 1.2'', and the 10's are 1.05''

What is the durometer reading on these bumpers?

  • The 10 and 15 pound bumper plates are 90 shA; the 25,35,45, and 55 pound bumpers are 85 shA

What does durometer mean?

  • Durometer is a measure of hardness of a material. It ranges from 0-100, and the higher the rating the harder the material, and the higher the material's resistance to indentation. Anything above 65 is acceptable for bumper plates. Our plates are considered to be excellent.

Why do different weight bumper plates have different durometer readings?

  • In general, the lighter bumper plates have a higher durometer reading because they need to be more rigid to withstand the stress of being dropped. Heavier plates have more surface area to distribute the stress, so they do not need to be as hard.

What is the diameter of these bumpers?

  • Most Fringe Sport bumper plates are the IWF standard 450mm (~17.7") width in diameter

  • The ten pound Fringe Sport bumpers are 445mm (17.5") in diameter

What? Why are the ten pound bumpers narrower than all the rest?

  • The ten pound bumper plates are purposefully 5mm narrower than the other bumper plates so that when you have 10's loaded on the bar, plus other bumpers, the 10 pound plates impact the ground a split second later than the other bumpers. Since the 10 pound plates have the least surface area and are thus the weakest bumpers, this saves stress on your 10 pounders.

Can I drop the 10 pound bumpers like I see my favorite athletes do?

  • Drop away. We are confident that our 10 pound bumper plates can handle the abuse, and they are backed by our fully comprehensive warranty for 1 year just in case.

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