Don't fear the drop

Have you ever heard, "Don't drop 10# bumper plates?"

We're going to tell you the opposite.

Drop the @#$%^ out of our OneFitWonder 10# plates.

Birds want to fly; bumper plates WANT to be dropped.

Here are a few reasons why the OneFitWonder bumpers are the most durable on the market:
  • Hooked steel insert for a bigger surface area between rubber and steel
  • High durometer rubber for most of the plate; low durometer rubber "shock absorber" near the center
  • 445mm diameter on our 10 pound plates to dissipate shock to other plates
And here's the proof:
  • We back them with the best warranty in the world.
  • Check out the reviews- these are the most-reviewed, best-reviewed on the planet
  • Check out what this review from the Frozen North.

Oh yeah, and they're on sale for up to 20% off. Act fast, the sale ends Monday.



Black and Contrast Bumpers on Sale

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