Fitness Swords vs Steel Mace

What's happening, Fringe Fam? We're rolling on into Day 2 of our sale focused on products to help you get out of your comfort zone, change up your exercise stimulus, and spice up your workout routine.

Today, we're focusing on our Fitness Swords. Since these are not your typical piece of fitness equipment, we thought we'd break down our version of the Steel Mace and show you exactly how you can use your new Fitness Sword and get the most out of your workouts with them.

What is a Fitness Sword?

A fitness sword is similar in concept to a steel or weighted mace, but not exactly.

They're shaped like actual Japanese swords. Our fitness swords have a little weight to them. 5lbs, 7lbs, or 10lbs to be exact, with slightly different designs to each of them.

Unlike a real sword, ours have dull edges so you can use it like you might an EZ-curl bar or straight bar in your workouts without any damage to your hands.

A Fitness Sword is easy to include into your workouts for some cardio. Because they're light, they won't necessarily cause muscle fatigue because of their weight, but start swinging yours around and create a flow and you'll definitely feel the burn, break a sweat, and get your heart rate up.

How is a Fitness Sword different than a steel mace?

 steel mace

A steel mace is generally a pipe with a ball at the end, and the weight is focused at the end where the bulk of the weight lives.

Our Fitness Swords are different because there is a handle at the end of the sword, and the weight is evenly distributed throughout the length of it.

Just like steel maces are great for mobility, shoulder work, flows, and more, our Fitness Swords can do it all too.

These are awesome to throw into your everyday workout routine to make things more difficult, change up your stimulus, and create different challenges for your brain.

Fitness Swords meld perfectly into functional fitness.

What kind of exercises can I do with Fitness Swords?

Anything you can do with a steel mace you can do with a Sword. Yep, everything! Just beware that the weight distribution is different from a steel mace because the weight is evenly distributed across the sword as opposed to being focused at the end of the pipe like a steel mace.



Fitness Swords are great for real-life Fruit Ninja, adding weight to your favorite flows, adding some extra resistance to your everyday movements like sit-ups, curls, and more.

These swords are perfect for swinging around just like your typical steel mace, working your shoulders, for mobility, and more. Plus, because they do require some space to swing them around, they're great for taking your workout outside and changing up your workout environment. They're coated in matte black powder coating, so they can take some heat from the elements.

The Fitness Swords were designed as a conditioning tool for your entire body (and designed because we just couldn't resist an Arnold/Conan the Barbarian moment of our own).

Steel maces, Fitness Swords, and other items of the sort are meant to work the shoulders, lats, thoracic spine, and wrists in strengthening the short, stabilizer muscles as well as mobility.

If you're someone who sits all day while working, this is a great item to add into your routine for regular strength and mobility for your back and upper body, which takes a huge toll when you're sitting at a computer during your work day.

It might feel a little intimidating to throw swords into your workout regime, but if you start small with movements like swings, presses, and other simple moves you can eventually start adding in some choreography, footwork, and getting fancy with it.

"After playing with it for a week and I liked it so much, I really regretted not getting all three..."


If you're wondering how you might actually be able to incorporate the Fitness Swords into your regime, check out this video from Average Dad Reviews Fitness. Quoted above, he just might be able to convince you that you need these. Especially if you were a part of the Ninja Turtles and Samurai Jack era... you might want to check these out.

Want an example of a workout using swords?

Check out this workout below from, and visit their site for more workouts to inspire you in your sword-master journey.

sword or steel mace workout

If you have questions about the Fringe Sport Fitness Swords, send us a message. We're here to help! Let's change up your routine with fitness swords. Don't knock it before you try it ;)

As always, Fringe Fam, swing swords, and lift happy :)

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