Fringe Sport Pre-Order Customer FAQ

Let's say you have pre-ordered our bumper plates and now you have to wait for them and all you can do is think of all these questions about your order. Good news! We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about our Pre-Order Policy for you here at Fringe Sport!

Q: When will X be restocked? 

A: We have a restock page that you can find here! This page is updated frequently and is a rough guideline of when products will be restocked. 

Q: I see the dates listed on my order as different than what the website is providing. Did my order get pushed back?

A: Those dates online are for new web orders if you were to purchase today. You’re locked in with the dates we provided on your invoice.

Q: When will X orders be shipped out? 

A: We can expect fulfilled orders to be shipped out within a week of when inventory has been received into our warehouse.

Q: When will bumper plate sets be available?

A: All bumpers, except the Milspec, are on pre-order status to order ahead of time. All Milspec bumpers will update on the website when they arrive, are accepted into inventory and are ready for shipment. First come first serve, so if you see this item out of stock subscribe to the email notifications and be ready to press buy as soon as you get that email because they will sell fast!

Q: Why has some of my order shipped and not all of it?

A: We are shipping out everything we can when inventory is received into our warehouse. If some of your order has not shipped out, that usually means that we have not gotten inventory for that specific product.

Q: Are we charged for pre-order items at checkout or when they ship?

A: You will be charged at checkout for pre-order purchases.

Q: Will there be email alerts for items that come back into stock?

A: We are doing our best to keep everyone informed about restocks...

Q: Can you modify a pre-order after it has been placed? 

A: As long as your order has not been processed we will do our best to make changes to your order according to your desired request.

Q: Does pre-ordering guarantee I will get my order when the items come back into stock?

A: You will notice on orders placed in June or before we used the verbiage “Expected Restock Date” These were estimates to the best of our ability with the information from our shipping company on arrival dates. Please allow 3-5 days for those orders to restock as unforeseen events can happen in route to our warehouse from the manufacturer. Once they arrive and restock our shipping process works furiously to get them out asap but with large restocks can take 3-5 days before a shipping notification arrives in your inbox. We appreciate all patience and understanding that we are striving to provide the most accurate information possible but with the delays around the world that we can not be perfect, but we are trying.

If you purchased with the verbiage “Expected Shipping Date” the same as above applies that if things are delayed a little there could be a 3-5 day delay in shipping notifications to go out but we are striving to provide the most accurate dates as possible and will get you your gains asap!

Q: Are forecasted restock/ shipping dates firm? 

A: Dates are our best estimate with the given information from our manufacture and shipping companies. Please see above as the same applies here.

Q: What items are highest in demand? 

A: We had experienced high demand for bumper plates, barbells and squat racks/cages. We set up pre-orders for these items in anticipation of a high volume of orders. 

Q: What kind of equipment is available in garage sale/ can we see what is being sold? 

A: Garage sale items are currently unavailable at this time due to retail being closed until further notice

Q: When can I cancel my order/ what is the pre-order cancellation policy? 

A: You can cancel your order up until the items in question have been sent to processing, once they have been processed we can not stop the process. With them being in process we are not able to pull them out and cancel the order due to the huge volume of orders we have. It may take a few days to actually ship but once they do you may refuse the order with UPS and have them sent back to us, or return them yourself per our return policy and once they are received back at our warehouse we can proceed with a refund.

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