Garage Gym of the Week: Meet Erik Contreras

garage gym of the week

What’s Your Name?
Erik Contreras

Do you have a name for your gym?
The Speakeazy

garage gym of the week

Tell us a little about yourself - what you do when you aren’t lifting, what are your other hobbies, etc.
I play hockey, hit breweries here and there otherwise just rest and watch TV in the spare time.

What gear do you have in your gym?
A full rack with cable extensions, a half rack, battle rope, TRX, dumbbells (5-30), adjustable dumbbells (5-50), dip bar, two t-bars, two 20KG barbells, one 15KG barbell, one kids barbell, box, stationary bike, terra-Core, and a couple hundred pounds of plates.

fringesport pink plates

When did you become part of the Fringe Fam? What was your first Fringe purchase?
My first purchase was the 160lb bundle of plates

What’s your favorite gear that you use all the time?
Got to be the plates, so essential

garage gym of the week

What gear do you never use?
Usually, the fitness bands

What was your best gear purchase?
The Full rack for sure

garage gym revolution

What gear purchase do you wish you would have said “NO” to?
Probably the Terra Core, don’t use it as often as I thought I would

What’s your favorite workout?
Split between Bench and Squats

garage gym of the week

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
Progress takes time, trust the process

What advice would you give to newbie garage gymmers?
Start with the essentials, then work up from there

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