Garage Gym of the Week: Meet Josh Sullivan & Cash

garage gym of the week

What’s Your Name?

Josh Sullivan and Cash (my workout partner pictured below)

garage gym of the week 

Do you have a name for your gym?

Not until just now….”The Gym” (pronounced The Gyme, as coined by Homer Simpson). It’s not the prettiest, but man do I love it. 



Tell us a little about yourself - what you do when you aren’t lifting, what are your other hobbies, etc. 

I am a husband, dad, and pilot in the USAF. I also love to hang out with my family, workout, and play in a band. 


What gear do you have in your gym?

Folding rack with pull-up bar, 3 bars, Savage Bumpers and holders, bar holders, Adjustable dumbbells, some heavier dumbbells and a rack, Dip station, landmine setup, and a classic Schwinn Aerodyne bike from around 1985 in an awesome gold color. 

garage gym of the week 

When did you become part of the Fringe Fam? What was your first Fringe purchase?

Became part of the Fringe Fam in April 2021 (and garage gym goers) upon ordering Savage plate set. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to a commercial gym. 


What’s your favorite gear that you use all the time?

Savage Bumper Plates


What gear do you never use?

My foam roller, but I’m getting better about it. 

 garage gym of the week

What was your best gear purchase?

Savage Bumper Plates by far. They preform great and look amazing. 


What gear purchase do you wish you would have said “NO” to?

Nothing yet, maybe the air bike if I start using it for more than warmup. 


What’s your favorite workout?

I’m currently on a full body split, but rotate through upper/lower and Legs-Push-Pull as well. I’m enjoying the high frequency of the full body split.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?



What advice would you give to newbie garage gymmers?

Building muscle is about challenging body and mind to be better than they were yesterday. Concentrate on progress with good form that presses you towards your goals, and skip the ego lifting. The proof will be in your results, not how many plates you bounce off your chest. 

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