Garage Gym of the Week: Rene Langer

Get to Know Garage Gym-er Rene Langer

This week's Garage Gym of the Week is Rene Langer. She is 29 and devotes her time to not only building her strength but also as a physical education teacher.

You can follow her on Instagram @ReneEmily89.

Rene's Weightlifting Style

Her training style is Crossfit and she been doing it for over 6 years but also did Olympic lifting for over 10 years.

Her goals are to get strong and "make my weakness by strength."

Rene's Garage Gym

She is the only one working out in here gym. "My garage gym at the moment I have to move outside everyday. It consist of your 1 person gym package plus another barbell and squat rack." She only includes equipment in her gym that has a purpose, nothing's in there that she doesn't need.

"My favorite piece of equipment is my 15kg women's wonder bar. The way it moves when I'm working on my lifts is so smooth and clean. It makes lifting amazing!"

She's eyeing our 10lb Donut Bumpers for her next Garage Gym buy! Who else? But her dream piece of equipment is a barbell with the American Flag on it.

Equipment in Rene's Garage Gym

Wonder bar

Sold out
medicine ball

Sold out

Sold out

Sold out

Why Rene Built Her Garage Gym

She built her own garage gym to keep her motivated to work out and never have to wait on equipment.

Rene's Tips for Building Her Garage Gym

"Don't speak to global gyms about it. They will try to talk you out of it and how's its a waste of your time and money. I shopped around for a long time to see who had the best equipment at reasonable prices. Hands down its Fringe Sport!"

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