How To Be More Bro


Step 1: Turn it inside or it'll curl and you'll look like a D*&k who can't cut a shirt properly

Step 2: Cut along the sleeve line on each side separately. Keep it taught, hold the shirt gently, like a lady.

Step 3: Measure 5in from bottom of sleeve, make a cut smoothly from there to where you ended before. The deeper the cute the more bro you’ll be.

Step 4: Make a small slit in the middle along the collar, gradually blend it up to widen the neck. Make room for that vascularization. 

Step 5: Cut off the tag so you can claim it's a bigger size than it is.

Step  6: Pose.

Step 7: Get yo pump on.


Now that you can properly display your pump you need the correct words to describe it. Here are 100 Ways To Say Jacked. Got your own? Lets here them, because there are never enough ways to say

“Bro you’re lookin’ like a pump dragon today, a true cash rocked thunder mammal.”


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