How to build a garage gym from scratch

Okay, Fringe Fam. If you’re here, we know you’re wondering: “How can I build the perfect garage gym from scratch? Where do I start?” 

We’ve got the answer for you. Trust us, we can help.

One of the biggest mistakes we see our customers make when first beginning their garage gym journey is that they get excited, and they then run out and buy a bunch of equipment (that’s great stuff, don’t get us wrong!). The reason this is a mistake, although they’re buying a bunch of awesome gear, is because a garage gym is a wonderful investment if you use it, and if the strength and confidence you gain in your garage gym changes your life.

A garage gym is a terrible investment if you don’t use it.

If you don’t follow PK’s 3-step program, you’re in real danger of spending thousands of dollars on a garage gym that you never use. What a shame that would be!

PK’s 3-step program is simple, and there are just 3 things to consider. First, and most importantly, consider your goals. Then, programming and diet to get you there, and lastly, the gear you need to execute the programming. Just remember, “Goals BEFORE Gear” and you’ll be on the right track.

Now, if you’ve been around for a while, this 3-step program might look familiar to you, and that’s because PK totally stole it from Simon Sinek. Sinek has a book called “Start with Why,” and we highly recommend that you check it out before diving into your garage gym journey. Sinek’s basic premise is that people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. He suggests that you start with your “why,” then your “how,” and then finally, your “what.” 

PK has adopted this premise with the idea that you’re not going to change your life through strength unless you discover and set your goals, you find the programming and nutrition to meet those goals, and then you buy the equipment to help you get there. The equipment isn’t the main act, it’s a supporting role.

What we’re trying to achieve with garage gyms is make and sustain meaningful lifestyle changes that change your life remarkably through strength. What you need to start with is your own personal goals. Better yet, think about your absolute dream. What do you want to achieve out of your garage gym? What does your perfect life look like? Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to gain weight, gain strength and muscle? Do you just want to look good naked? (Don’t worry… that’s one of our goals too!) Do you want to play with your kids without huffing and puffing? How about running a marathon? Although in this case, strength training might not be the only modality you’ll need to complete this last one. Start with your goals, and dream big.

Then, move onto the “how.” This will be programming and diet or nutrition. If you’re curious about programming, we’ve got a great blog and video on that as well. Programming is basically the roadmap or training plan to help you reach your goals and dreams.

Finally, after the goals and programming are set, then you can move onto the fun stuff: your gear. You want to set both goals and programming before setting out to outfit your garage gym because depending on your programming, you might need certain equipment more than others, and some equipment not at all. If you get equipment you don’t need, you won’t use it, and using it is the magic here. Using a garage gym you’ve invested in beats sitting on the couch and letting it sit all alone, untouched, any day of the week.

Stuck with your goals, programming, or finding the gear for you? Let us know in the comments below or send us a message on our site. We’re here to help! Plus, check out our specially-curated Garage Gym Packages, and don't hesitate to ask if you've got any questions.

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As always, lift heavy, lift happy :)

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