How to Stay on Track Through the Holidays 🦃🎄

What's up, Fringe Fam? We're pumped to be back at this time of year because while we're running our best deals of the year, we're also huge fans of the holidays themselves and the food, friends, family, and workouts that come with them.

We know this time of year can make it quite difficult to stick to your routine and execute on your plans to reach your goals. We want to say it here first: if you decide to go full-on celebratory and eat all the food, drink all the drinks, and full-on couch potato with your friends and family, that's totally okay, especially if that makes you happy. That's truly what the holidays should be for, and if you're happy with spending time with your friends and fam and taking a step away from your goals, that's perfectly okay.

You shouldn't ever feel bad about a big meal, a workout skipped, or drinks drank. In the grand scheme of things, one meal, a few drinks, and a workout or two skipped isn't going to derail you alllll that much.


But, if you are interested in staying on track, or mostly on track, through the holidays, we've got some tips for you.

Let's get to it

The good news is that you don't have to stay on track if you don't want to. You can go fully off the rails into the food, drink, family time, and enjoyment and relaxation if that's what you please. Nobody, we mean nobody, is judging you but YOU, so do what makes you feel the most fulfilled during the holidays. Ain't nobody got time for restriction, guilt, and crabbiness during the jolliest time of year.

If you would prefer to stay a little bit closer to the tracks leading to your goals, start your holiday season with that intention. The most important thing in this case is to set goals for yourself, make a plan to help yourself stick to or stay close to those goals, and execute. Mind over matter.

When it comes to nutrition and exercise during this time, it's important to consider a few things.

Let's talk exercise

It's cold, it's getting dark at 3pm, and you don't always feel like moving from your cozy spot on the couch, and it's especially hard to stick with your workout routine when you've got the company of friends and family. That's fine! Just know that your exercise routine doesn't have to look the same all of the time, holidays included. We're not about burning extra calories to fit your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner into your nutrition, because these are holiday meals, special occasions, and you deserve to enjoy them regardless of a workout in the same day or not.

However, if you would prefer to stick with your routine, we recommend a few different things. We know how hard it can be to get through the holiday/winter/cold/dark slump, but remember, if you do give yourself a workout, even if it's out of the ordinary and you're just moving as best you can, you're going to feel GOOD. Post-workout endorphins are real, and with family involved, some of you might need all you can get before you sit around that dinner table.

To get past the holiday slump and lack of motivation, think of your workout as a treat for your body. Like we said, it doesn't need to look like your normal workout in your program. A workout will do your mind and body good, and you deserve that. Even if it's a bootcamp video tape you found in your parents' basement.



Plus, you'll probably feel a little less bad about the post-turkey slump you'll feel and the nap you take on the couch with the top button of your pants open if you give yourself that little boost of energy in before consumption of the goods.

Let's talk nutrition

If you want to go absolutely nuts and eat everything in site, do it. We're here for it. We're actually here for you doing whatever makes you happiest and most fulfilled on these love and food-filled days, whether or not that's sticking to your plan even in the slightest. Just a note here - you never have to "earn" any part of any meal, and we're not advocating for that here.

IF you do choose to stick to your plan for the most part or all of it, we commend you. We know it's a learned discipline to keep your hands away from the charcuterie, the appetizers, and everything on the dinner table when it's presented. You are a true marvel, you are.


On a more serious note, that's a great thing to have, self-discipline.

Here's what we recommend, regardless of sticking to your plan or not.

Prioritize your proteins, so turkey or ham, and drink plenty of water. Make sure you stay hydrated! Dehydration has a sneaky way of showing up as false hunger, so you're more likely to nab a few extra appetizers with likely more sodium than you might be used to, making matters worse. Stack a few cranberry Moscow mules (my favorite) on top of that, and you're looking at a snacky, food-filled day with a food coma and a stomach ache calling your name at the end of the night.


However, drinking water throughout the holiday will help. Just do it. Dehydration is never fun!

Prioritizing your protein will help you get full, and feel fuller longer than if you were to just pick out the mashed potatoes, creamed corn, and rolls. Those are going to be full of carbs, burn off more quickly, and leave you looking for second, third, or fourth (hey, no judgement) helpings and your stretchy Thanksgiving pants.

Now, you can take these tips or leave 'em. That's up to you, Fringe Fam. We just want to help you get through the entire meal and be able to make it to pie without being too full. My personal plan of action is to take a small serving of the things I know I love, and skip the things I could live without. Mashed potatoes, I can live without. (Blasphemy, I know) Green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, I cannot. So I'll take the green bean casserole and sweet potato casserole and skip the mashed potatoes. This helps me limit my intake so I'm not eating everything in sight, but I am getting to enjoy the things I like the most and I'm able to make it to pie without having to stuff myself past the point of no return.



Long Story Short

Enjoy the time with your family. Hit a workout or two, take it easy, or don't. Do what makes you feel best during the holidays, and enjoy the crap out of them. We'll be here with some massive deals for Black Friday, so we can help you get back on track with some pretty new equipment if you fall off too hard. Don't worry, we've got your back.

Happy Thanksgiving, Fringe Fam. Let's eat some turkey.

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