Want To Make A New Friend? Meet Deadlift Jack!

Let’s set the stage for our friend, Deadlift Jack. 

Fringe Sport Mini Deadlift Jack

You’re in your amazing Garage Gym, bumping your favorite lift-day tunes, and you’re getting after it. You’re picking that bar up, and putting it back down as someone strong often does. You’re warming up, and feeling good. You’ve got 135 on the bar, it’s smooth for several reps, and you know it’s time to stop messing around and put some more 45s on your bar. Now, with one set on the bar already, it gets a little tricky to get those extras to slide on nicely. Here’s where Deadlift Jack comes in to save the day.

You’re probably saying, “Deadlift Jack who?”

Our Deadlift Jack, of course: the tool our mysterious cowboy-deadlift-session-savior left in the dust. This nifty tool can help all of you strong people to easily (and we mean easily) load more weight onto your barbell when you’re deadlifting some big weight.


Fringe Sport Deadlift Jack

We know just how challenging it can be to get your weights onto the bar past 135 (20kg bar + 45’s on each side), and our deadlift jack helps make your life easier and your bar-loading much, much smoother. 

Plus, our friend Deadlift Jack is super easy to use. 

Fringe Sport Deadlift Jack

His sole job is to lift the bar slightly off the ground so you can slip another set of weights on your iron excalibur and get back to doing the good stuff without too much hassle. You’ll hook the end of Jack on the bar, press the handle down, and then you’re ready to rock and slip your weights on.

Now, with a tool to help you out, you can lift heavy AND happy, with less time spent loading and unloading your heavy bars. 

Want more information?  Check out our YouTube Video where our CEO, PK, explains how to use a deadlift jack!

Let us know below if you know our friend Jack, and if you’ve used one before. Are these a game changer, or what?


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