How You Can Become Fitness Savvy Almost Instantly

How You Can Become Fitness Savvy Almost Instantly

Who doesn’t want to sound as (mentally) fit as possible? If you haven’t reached your extrinsic goals, you can at least pass yourself off as a savvy member of the fitness community.

Sounding like you know what you’re talking about is half the battle, right? Otherwise “fake it until you make it” wouldn’t exist.

The next best thing to knowing gym jargon is knowing the history, culture, and figures that made fitness and strength training what it is today. If you’re not as confident as you want to be, here’s a great resource to give yourself a confidence boost.

Learning about physical culture doesn't have to be a tug of war.

Beef Up on Physical Culture Study

Meet the website “Physical Culture Study.” I stumbled across “Physical Culture Study” while doing research and knew it was a good find in an instant. It’s one of those rare blog discoveries that delights you with its abundance of quality information, minimal design, and ease of navigation. Best yet, the website boasts a lean figure too, as it’s skimpy on advertising.

Physical Culture Study defines its mission by stating “Physical Culture is a term used to describe the various activities people have employed over the centuries to strengthen their bodies, enhance their physiques, increase their endurance, enhance their health, fight against aging, and become better athletes.”

THE physique a century ago.

The website dedicates its mission “to exploring and examining the various aspects of the world of physical fitness,” by asking the big questions.

“Why do we train the way we train? Why do we eat the way we eat? And what determines the perfect physique?”

Consider this small sample of issues your warmup reps. The website further delves into the earliest beginnings “of the Physical Culture movement” all the way up to today.

Do Your Neurobics

Ok, this isn’t exactly neurobics, but you still want to exercise the brain too by doing some reading. The website’s main categories cover “training”, “nutrition”, “basics” and so much more.

A quick scan of the homepage reveals a wide swath of interesting topics to dig into. Whether you want to know more about Joe Weider, Mike Mentzer, Jack LaLanne, or the history of protein supplementation, Tabata training, the weight belt, steroids or the camber bar, Physical Culture Study is chock full of edutainment.

Take a ride down memory lane.

Connor Heffernan created the website and according to his bio he currently researches “Ireland's physical culture movement as a Ph.D. student at University College Dublin.”

If you’re feeling the pump in your brain and would like to continue your neurobics workout, consider reading up on the different types of strength sports, to complete your strength training education.

As usual, thanks for reading Fringe Nation, and if you have any pro tips for other strength training resources and/or edutainment, by all means, let us know in the comments below. Gift life a lift! Have a great day and stay awesome.


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