In love with the barbell?

Written on the day after the election, in my home office

There's a lot I could write about today, but instead check this out:

Love the pic- looking at it brings me peace.

BTW, tag @fringesport or #fringesport in your pics. We love seeing them!


Now let's talk barbell.

Why do we love barbells?

Simply put, they are the best solution to progressively loading exercises and for allowing the movement of maximal weight.

Dumbbells, kettlebells?

They're great- but they are cumbersome or impossible to load in small increments- and really heavy 'bells are both expensive and have relatively narrow usages, eg. heavy dumbbells are used by <1% of people at the gym, while barbells can be loaded for almost anyone's strength and skill level.

Plus, if you're into barbells, there's just something about gripping the knurling and doing some violence in the gym.

We often get asked- which barbell should I get?

Honestly, I lift on every (20kg) bar we make- and I love them all. But here's a quick cheat sheet.

  • Looking for low cost, but still an awesome, durable, lifetime warrantied barbell with free shipping? Go with the Wonder Bar Bushing. Sub $200 to your door and performs like a champ.
  • Want the above but with wicked spin? Pay $20 more and get the bearing version.
  • Want a great American made all-rounder? The Bomba Bar comes in just a little higher $$ and delivers.
  • Want an awesome Oly bar that was designed and used by Olympians? Go Vaughn.

And great news, all the above are 10% off with free shipping. But act fast, we're running low.

Lift heavy and love each other,


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