Introducing: The Speed Bumper Plate

What’s up, Fringe Fam?! We’ve got some exciting news!

There’s a brand new plate on the block: the Speed Bumper Plate by Fringe Sport.

We’ve taken our amazing, super durable black rubber bumper plate and have added an aesthetic touch.... Bright, white lettering. Why, you might ask? A few reasons.

First, the white lettering is flush, bright, and looks very clean against the black, 100%  virgin rubber bumper. It is quite beautiful, a work of art, if you will (chef’s kiss). Plus, flush lettering means less wind resistance, and who wouldn’t want a little less of that on their heavy lifts?

Second, the bright white lettering makes it SUPER easy to see the weight on the side of the bumper. No more squinting, no more holding your bumper plate in the light to see what you’re about to throw on your barbell. Easy to see, easy to read, easy to count.

Third… who doesn’t want a prettier version of the black bumper plate? These Speed Bumper Plates are built for a touch of class in your community or garage gym. Not to mention, they’re the same great high density, low bounce bumper you know and love.

We want you to be able to drop your dang barbells with your bumper plates (even with just 10’s on the ends!) and these are the plates to do just that. Plus, they come with a warranty so good, you can’t beat it. Drop your Speed Bumper Plates without worry about bent or broken bumper plates.

Can you imagine how sharp a slick, black Bomba bar will look with our new Speed Plates hangin’ off the end of it? We’re here for it. We recommend it.

With our new Speed Bumper Plates, you can lift heavy, lift happy in style and in confidence.

Want to get a pair or a set for yourself? Have questions? Comment below or contact us at

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