Milspec Bumper Plates for the ACFT, Training Black Bumper Plates, what's the difference?

We recently launched a line of Milspec bumper plates and we've gotten a few questions about how they compare to our Training Bumper Plates.

Buckle up- let's dive in!

What are Milspec Bumper Plates?

The Army recently rolled out the ACFT- Army Combat Fitness Test. As a part of this test, there are two exercises that require bumper plates:

  • 3 Repetition Max Deadlift (MDL)
  • Sprint-Drag-Carry

We developed our Milspec Bumper Plates to meet the exacting needs of the US Military, who are using them in some of the harshest environments one earth to train and test soldiers.

Milspec bumper plate for ACFT Army Combat Fitness Test

What's the same between Milspec and Training Bumpers?

Honestly, most things! We already build our bumper plates to the most exacting specifications, and back them with the best warranty in the industry-  one year on the 10/15 pounders and 3 years on the 25+ pounders. And home or commercial use- no problem!

We're famous for the durability of our bumpers- so of course the Milspec bumpers would be no different.

Fringe Sport bumpers durable

What's different?

Of course there are a few differences- otherwise I wouldn't be writing this post. Most of the differences you would notice in "action" are cosmetic.

In other words, feel free to mix and match our bumper plates on your bar. Below, I'll dive into the specific differences you might notice.

Milspec vs training bumper plates - whats the difference

Also, check the above image. I pulled these bumpers straight from their boxes and threw them on our gym floor. Lighting is the sun from the top/side and LED from above.

I did not clean or prep these plates in any way- I wanted you to see them how they actually look, fresh from the box.

Matte vs Glossy Finish

Our training bumper plates have a glossy, "reflective" finish on them. Our Milspec bumper plates have a matte, almost slightly pebbled or grainy finish to them.

Again, there is no difference in use- just a slight difference in look.


Our Milspec bumper plates are a little "thinner" on the bar than our training plates.

The Word "Training" on the Weight

Our training bumper plates have the word "Training" on them incorporated into the weight design. Our Milspec plates lack this word.

Milspec vs training bumper plates - logo difference

Rounded edge vs angular edge

Our Milspec plates have a more rounded edge while our training plates have a more angular edge.

Don't worry- both are easy to pick up off the gym floor!

Still confused? Check out the video below to see the Milspec and Training bumper plates in my hands

That's it!

Here I am holding one of each plate in each hand- can you tell which is which? Let us know in the comments below.

Milspec vs training bumper plates - which is which

Find our full selection of bumper plates here

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Any more questions? Leave us a comment below!

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