NEW PRODUCT ALERT: 2x2 J-Cups are here!

Finally, the wait is OVER! We've launched our 2x2 J-cups!

These 2x2 J-cups work specifically with our Garage Series Squat Cage, but also works with other 2x2 racks, rigs, and cages that feature a 1" hole diameter in the posts universally. YUP! Universally, baby. ALL 2x2 racks, rigs, and cages that take a 24.5mm pin will accept these J-cups so you can use these for any 2x2 rack on the market.

2x2 j cup pair

Let's take a load off of your back (literally). We know our Fringe Fam has been missing out on 2x2 J-cups to pair with our Garage Series Squat Cage, and we couldn't resist the opportunity to give our people what they want.

Like our other j-cups, these are made from heavy-duty steel and precision welded to perfectly fit your 2x2 rack. They also feature UHMW on the face and hook to protect your precious goods (aka, your barbell) when racking even your heaviest lifts. Plus, they're powder-coated in matte black just like your Garage Series Squat Cage so they blend in and pair beautifully.

2x2 j cup pair
Our 2x2 J-cups come in pairs, and can hold up to 500lbs on your rack, so you can really go for gainz in your squats, bench, and other strong person feats.

Just like our other amazing products, these J-cups carry a full-year satisfaction guarantee.

What else do you want to know about these 2x2 J-cups? We're excited to finally bring them to you, Fringe Fam. Now, you can get your cage and j-cups too! Let us know if you've got any questions about our new J-cups in the comments below, or send us a message on our site. We'll get you fitted with a new pair of J-cups so you can get after your gainz.

As always, lift heavy, lift happy :)

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