Premium Pink Bumper Plates: Are they just for women?

What is UP, Fringe Fam? We’re back with another very important blog. Today, we’re breaking DOWN the typical stereotype around pink workout equipment.

We know you’ve all heard that pink is a feminine color, and have heard some of the stereotypes surrounding fitness equipment geared toward women, usually coated in pink. Well, you best forget that!! Did you know that the color pink has only been gendered in the last 50 years or so?

Fitness equipment has become less and less gendered, especially as the pandemic has raged on and individuals of all kinds are investing in themselves, their lives, their strength, and their home gyms. Even with pink bumper plates.

Here’s the deal. Pink dumbbells are usually kind of crapped upon because they’re small, light, and covered in smooth pink rubber/neoprene. If you’re someone that uses these, and puts in work and is actually working toward strength and improving your life, we applaud you, and urge you to keep pushing forward. THAT stereotype is crap itself, because anyone who’s taking the time to improve their life through strength is one that deserves all the kudos and gainz in our books. But, for a big, macho, powerlifting, tank of an individual, those pink dumbbells might not do the trick, and that’s okay too.

Our pink bumper plates are NOT just for women looking to get stronger and use cute gear while doing so, although that does happen when you lift with our pink plates in your garage gym. ;) If you’re a strong as hell, house-lifting person, you can get down with these pink bumper plates too because they're the exact. same. size. as our other ultra-durable bumper plates. Plus, if you share your gym with a pink-loving person, you could make their garage gym journey more enjoyable, too.

The thing is, we made our pink bumper plates to serve EVERYONE looking for strength and a little pop of a fun color for their garage gyms. No matter who you are, how much you can currently lift or want to lift, you can benefit from using pink bumper plates. Gainz are gainz, right? review on pink bumper plates

Our pink bumper plates are built to the exact standards of durability and sizing as the rest of our bumper plates, as they should be. They’re built to be used. They’re built to give you the best, most massive gainz possible if you work for them. Plus, you’ll add a fun pop of color to your garage gym. Who doesn’t love that?

If you’re not entirely sold on the pink color, consider this…

pink bumper plates for sale

Now, our pink bumper plates are pink. But, if you’re not so into the idea of “pink” in your garage gym, you can just consider them “faded red” like the customer above. What a great perspective!

Plus, during this week only (and for 3 more days!) until November 1, we’re donating 5% of our pink plate pre-order proceeds to Keep a Breast in support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You can get an amazing set of bumper plates and do something for a good cause in one fell swoop. That’s personal and physical gainz, y’all.

Is pink your color? Does it make you happy, like it makes us? If so, you need pink bumper plates for your garage gym. Trust us. You add a set of these perfectly pink plates to your set-up and you’ll suddenly find yourself LIVING in your garage gym, full of motivation. If you’re even slightly considering adding pink plates to your arsenal, let this review be the motivation… ahem, DO IT!!! You won't regret it ;)

Our pink bumper plates are thin, super dense, and low-bounce so you can stack more weights on each side of your bar and get the gainz you’re looking for without having to chase your barbell for another around on top of your main workout. They're exactly the same as our other plates, feel the same, and will give you the same results as any of our other bumper plates. How's that for pink stereotype, eh?

You heard us, Fringe Fam. We aren’t playing around with our bumper plates, so if you’re into gainz and doing something for a good cause (through the end of October at midnight cst), we can promise you’ll be into our pink bumper plates. Like we said before, gainz are gainz, no matter the color of the plate you’re getting them from.

If you have more questions about our pink plates or how to make your garage gym your own, let us know. Send us a message on our site or send us an email at Don’t forget to join our private Garage Gym Revolution Facebook Group for all things garage gym, positivity, and a space to ask all of your garage gym questions.

As always, lift pink, lift heavy, lift happy :)

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