Stinky Vest Syndrome? We Can Fix It!!

We have ALL been there…. It's a love/hate relationship with the weighted vest.


After all, there's nothing worse than throwing it on only to get a HUGE whiff of body odor from the last 20 or so times you used it. But then again, we love how they can make our workouts twice as efficient and powerful!


Well, don't worry Fringe Fam! We have some really good tips and info on how to keep those vests smelling fresh and clean with just a few quick steps!


Febreze Is your Best Friend!

This is probably the easiest and most obvious one, but spray the vest with your favorite Febreze spray (ours is Linen Scent!) After you spray, then wipe with Clorox wipes to finish the clean! You can then hang it in the sun to dry and freshen up.


Get It Wet!

Did you know you can wet down your vest?   Yep- it works out pretty well!   Hang the vest outside, spray it down with a house (put a little soap or a stain cleaner on if there are spots that need cleaning), and then leave it hanging in the sun to dry it thoroughly. It will make it smell sunshine fresh and make it toasty warm!



Wash Your Weights!

For some vests, you can take out the weights (revolutionary, we know!), and drop them in the washer on a gentle cycle with a little soap. Then, once it's done hang in the sun and let it dry.


Row Row Row Your… Vest!

Don't worry if your weights aren't removable. You can grab a bucket, fill it with detergent and warm water, and then pump that vest up and down for a wet version of arm day! Give that vest a good workout in the water! Once you're done, hang the vest up and let it drip dry in the sun.


There ya go, Fringe Fam.  We know many of you would live in your vest if you could but we also know those vests will get used and abused. We hope these ideas will get your vests back to A+ status and smelling better than ever after you've put it through the paces of a tough workout!


If you have an idea we don't know about, drop it below so we can share it with the Fringe Fam!


And, as always, lift heavy, lift happy!


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