Stretch, stretch, stretch... release!

The first time I went to Asia, I spent a far bit of time drinking in pubs in Hong Kong.

I was in over my head,

trying to figure out how to design and manufacture ice makers and air conditioners for my employer.

I talked with everyone I could, learning about how the sourcing game worked.

One of those gentlemen was an international condom dealer, and he told me all about how condoms are made. For some reason, I was intrigued by the image of large vats of latex, with rotating cylinders dipped into the vats over and over.

Little did I know, that years later Fringe Sport would be dealing with one of the largest condom manufacturers in the world- for our strength bands!

You see, strength bands are made of latex... and who has the best latex? (Don't worry, our strength bands are made of 100% virgin latex, in a separate area from the condoms :) )

Back to our strength bands

(which are up to 20% off for a few days only).

We manufacture them to the highest standards, sell them with free shipping, and stand by them with our 365 day no hassle guarantee.

Many people use them for assisting pullups and doing banded barbell work, but here are a few other things you can do with them:
  • Inversions
  • Band pull-aparts (kind of like those old Charles Atlas chest-expanders)
  • Partner resisted sprinting (just don't let go!)
But act now for 20% off!



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