Weekend Workout For Leg Day - And A Surprise Ending

Weekend Workout For Leg Day - And A Surprise Ending

This week's workout is brought to you by Matt Brooking's post via Instagram, @mattbrooking. He tagged us in his leg day WOD and let's just say it's a KILLER!

Put your lungs to work and try it for yourself! Then tag us with your "day after leg day feels" on IG!

This workout gives you a heart pounding way to get those gainz on your legs and move muscles you weren’t even sure existed, even if you learned about them in high school biology!

You can substitute any barbell you have for the trap bar - and substitutions are perfectly fine for any item you don’t currently have in your garage gear.  The important thing is to make the workout WORK for you!

Check out this crazy hard sled workout and let us know in the comments how it works for you - and if you can even walk when you're done!

What You'll Need

Sled harness or strap - or whatever you have to pull the sled!
Econ prowler sled or any sled in your arsenal that you can pull.
Trap bar or any barbell you can do a deadlift with.
Bumper plates - your choice of color, weight and style.
Kettlebell - any size or style - pick what works for you.

The Workout

  • 5x5 Belt Squat
  • 4x6 Deadlift
  • 15-yard Sled Pull x3
  • 15-yard Sled Push x3
  • 3x8 Goblet Squat
  • 3x10 Lunges each side
  • 4x1 Jump Ropes 60 seconds (SURPRISE! You get to end this bad boy with some cardio...hehehe)

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