What the ruck???

What the heck is rucking?

We’re so glad you asked. Even if you’re familiar with the term, we’ve upped the ante and made your ruck-sessions a little more badass with our brand new Bonehead Ruck Weight Plates.

Rucking is simple: it’s walking, with a weighted pack on your back, with the intent to torch calories, push yourself, and grow in strength and endurance. Rucking resembles "forced marching" or "humps" performed by the military that consist of walking at a fast pace over rough and unpredictable terrain with a backpack carrying at least 45lbs in weight.

Our new Bonehead Ruck Weight Plates are seriously hardcore and play no games. As soon as you load up your plate into your pack and strap in, you’ll want to cue “Fuel” by Metallica to get the full bad-ass effect.

Rucking can be done literally anywhere, which is only a part of why these new weights are so versatile. Whether you’re out for a walk with your dog, scaling some tough elevation on a hike, running your favorite trail, or jamming out at a death metal concert, you can be sure that your Bonehead Ruck Weight Plate will keep up and push your limits.


Rucking helps build strength and endurance in a variety of settings because you're often moving over more rough and unpredictable terrain than a road or gym floor. This also creates confidence in yourself and more connection with nature because you're forced to be in nature. Plus, rucking counts as a form of cardio so it's a perfect way to change up your routine, get out of your garage, and get off the rower, treadmill, road, or ski erg to torch some calories.

Not only can these plates be used for rucking, but the handles strategically placed on the top and bottom of each plate make for easy handling and extreme versatility. This plate can do almost anything a kettlebell can, making it an easy choice for a one-stop piece of equipment, no matter your fitness level.

Swings, arm work, groundwork, and other lifts… you name it. With handles on the top and bottom and evenly distributed weight, our skull-shaped Ruck Weight Plate is designed to tackle it all.

Try swings, curling, pressing, and more weighted exercises like sit-ups, push-ups, RDLs, and weighted flows like Turkish get-ups, windmills, etc to really get the most out of your Bonehead ruck weight plate. These aren't just for rucking, and you'll look and feel pretty badass when you're moving around with a skull-shaped weight.

We offer four different weights for these plates, starting with 10lbs, and following with 20lbs, 30lbs, and 45lbs. If you’re brand new to rucking and aren’t sure which to choose, we can help! We’ve got some tips to help you be successful in your rucking adventures.

First of all, when choosing a weight, it’s important to consider a few things: your body weight and your fitness level.

As a beginner, we recommend trying out a 10lb weight until you get the hang of it, or no more than 10% of your bodyweight (this will make more sense in a second… keep reading).

Now, if you’re an intermediate fitnesser, we recommend the 20lb weight if your bodyweight is sitting under 150lbs, and the 30lb weight if you’re sitting over 150lbs. If you’re a beginner at rucking but have some fitness background, we’d recommend applying the 10% of bodyweight rule to make sure you’re getting the grind you’re looking for in a ruck.

Now, the 45lb weight is the one we haven’t mentioned yet. This big ‘ole weight is NOT playing around. We’d only recommend this one if you’re seriously into fitness and have experience with rucking. It gets much heavier, much faster than one might expect, so be prepared for a hardcore workout with the 45lb weight plate.

To advance in rucking, start with 10% of your bodyweight in weight. If you're consistent and really pushing yourself to get stronger, you can add up to 5lbs each week (as comfortability and strength and endurance allows) and build up to 30 to 50lbs for the ultimate challenge.

What else can we help you with? Do you have experience with rucking? Are you inclined to get into it with our multi-purpose, ultra-versatile Bonehead Ruck Weight Plate?

Let us know below!

As always, get outside, do some exploring, and lift heavy, lift happy :)

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