Why are we in your life?

Happy Halloween!

So, yeah, this happened.

That's Adam Q in the photo. He doesn't work for Fringe, but he was a good sport.

I also had an interesting conversation with my oldest daughter on Halloween eve.

I was driving her to a haunted house in our neighborhood, still wearing the tutu (which both my daughters and my wife LOVED).

Vivi: Dad, are you embarrassed?

Me: Embarassed by what?

Vivi: You're dressed like a girl.

Me: I don't think girls are embarrassing.

Vivi: That's not what I mean. *You* are a boy.

I did another few rounds with her. BTW, Viv is 7. But what I brought it back to is- I was not embarrassed because I know (and am totally comfortable with) who I am, and I knew Vivi and her sister and my wife would find the dress funny- and so would a lot of other people too.

And *I* found it funny.

But the funny thing is... I know myself reaaaaaaally well... but here's a secret- we're still figuring this out a little bit about Fringe.

We know that we are super committed to our mission of:

Great gear at a great price with world class customer service

And beyond that, we live our core values (aka The Fringe Sport Way):

  • Customers first
  • Take care of our employees to take care of our customers
  • Work hard, play hard, be happy
  • Virtuosity: Do the common uncommonly well
  • Impact trumps intentions

But how can we positively affect your life in the most impactful way possible?


Can you do me a favor?

If you know what Fringe Sport means to you... can you shoot me a quick email at peter@fringesport.com?

It doesn't need to be any longer than a sentence or two... but it can be as long as you want.

Oh, and the sale for this week is OneFitWonder kettlebells and dumbbells. We're doing up to 30% off- and they're of course the best 'bells we can make.

Thanks for your time,


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