Why we do what we do when we do what we do

I’ve been thinking a lot about what Fringe Sport does, why we do what we do, and for whom.

Back in the day, I used to look at competitors and think we were doing more-or-less the same thing as them. Although I thought our mantra of:

Great product, great price, world class customer service

was a differentiator.

But now I think a little different. Although I still believe that mantra is what you deserve.

We’re here to support garage gymmers and boxes (while we love affiliates, this means all microgyms to us) by driving crazy value for you.

Sometimes this means great gear, and everything else that comes with that.

Sometimes this means providing content that helps or entertains you.

It may mean other things in the future. We may broaden or pivot to whom we are trying to help.

For example, I’m trying like hell to think of a great in-person event. Not a competition.  More like Camp NerdFitness. A way to bring together our friends and customers for a (long?) weekend of crazy amazing growth/learning/value.

Y’know, like woodstock with barbells 😈

Maybe we would do it in Austin. Or maybe Costa Rica?

Anyway. I am writing from the mountains of Morocco. I’m here on a retreat to learn more about myself and my business. A few people have suggested I travel too much and maybe they’re right.

Definitely it is better for the Fringe team (not to mention my family) for me to be in Austin as much as possible. 

But is it better for you- our customers?

I like to think that my travel helps to bring a unique flair to my mindset and what growth I guide for Fringe Sport, the company. 

And in any case, the trips to Asia (leaving on another in a few days) are essential to the business.

We’ve got some very cool product coming out in the next few months- thanks to everyone who joined our fb group to help with the shoes.

Finally, our sale this week is for our commercial squat + pullup bar. It’s $343 with free shipping- you can’t beat this price… and the rack is pretty great too!



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