Why You NEED A Landmine Attachment in Your Gym

single landmine attachment


What’s happening, Fringe Fam? We’re back, and today we’re talking about landmine attachments. Landmine attachments are HIGHLY underrated and underutilized in the garage gym world. They can seem complicated, but if you’ve got a barbell, you can hook it to a landmine and open up an entirely new world of exercises to get stronger and blast your muscles in ways you never knew were possible.

After you’ve invested in the garage gym essentials, a landmine is one of the first things we suggest you snag for yourself.

What’s a landmine?

A landmine is an attachment that can be anchored to the floor or a squat rack with a weight on the other end. It can be hooked to a squat rack or post, or inserted into a stack of bumper plates to be anchored to the floor.

A barbell will be inserted into the slip attached to the floor or squat rack and weight can be added, as well as other handles for more variety of movement. The barbell is able to be moved both vertically and horizontally, and generally features around 360 degrees of rotation.

How can I use a landmine in my workouts?

banded landmine attachment thrusters

Landmine attachments have the ability to take your workouts to the next level. They’re perfect for blasting your core, strengthening your presses, working muscles you never even knew you had, and so much more.

Landmine attachments can be used for presses, either single or double (if you choose a double landmine attachment), RDLs, and so much more, or thrusters like see above. Strength bands are an excellent way to add more of a challenge without adding more weight via bumper plates. Check out this blog from a while back for more inspo around double landmine attachments.

Some of our personal favorite movements with a landmine have to do with core rotation and stability, but you can blast the heck out of your entire body with a landmine. This is why we recommend a landmine attachment to all of our Garage Gym Revolutioners because they take up little to no extra space in your gym and can be combined with the things you’ve likely already invested in (a barbell and bumper plates) to take your entire workout routine to the next level.

double landmine attachment

Although we mentioned a few exercises above, a landmine can be used in pretty much any movement you can think of in place of a dumbbell or kettlebell. So, squats, lunges, pressing, rowing, literally almost anything can be done with a landmine set-up. Landmines are super versatile and a lot of times, the landmine version of a movement can be done with less impact on your joints, so if you struggle with knee, shoulder, ankle, elbow, hip (or any joint, really) pain, a landmine is the perfect piece of equipment to add to your arsenal.


Landmine attachments are awesome additions to any gym set-up for extra challenge, new workout stimulus, and more fun things to do in your garage gym. Landmines can be used for almost any movement any other piece of equipment could be used for, whether pressing, pushing, hinging, squatting, or working on your core. A landmine will work muscles you never knew you had, while also taking a lot of impact off of your joints.

If you have questions about any of our landmines, send us a message! We'd be happy to chat about all things landmine and help you find the perfect addition to your gym.

As always, lift heavy on a landmine, lift happy :)

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