Double Landmine Attachment Exercises

The only thing more underutilized than a double landmine attachment is the treadmill in your spare bedroom that's turned into a clothes rack.

You may not even know what a landmine is, much less a double landmine.

Here you go:

double landmine attachment

A double landmine attachment sighting in the wild.

So as you can see, a double landmine has nothing to do with explosive, anti-infantry ordinance. It's simply two metal tubes that you put barbells into, with swiveling brackets at the bottom of each that are secured with a removable pin.

This is a one-person piece of workout gear. You're not doing partner workouts or anything of that sort.

You pick up one barbell in each hand and get to work. 

Of course, if you don't own 2 barbells, you won't be interested in a double landmine.

But you can use a regular landmine, without a rig or rack, with a couple of bumper plates that looks like this.

Why Workout with a Double Landmine Attachment?

The double landmine attachment transforms your cage and/or rig from a squat rack into a multifaceted machine.

The design melds free weights and fixed movement. Depending on the exercise, the movement pattern can be three dimensional (frontal, transverse and sagittal) or semi-circular (if using 1).

The landmine allows you to mimic squatting, pressing and pulling, providing versatility that enables you to blast a full-body workout without moving from your gym spot.

double landmine attachment

You know you want to swipe right.

Beyond convenience, the benefits extend much further, thanks to torque. With the space between the loaded plate and your grip, the demand on your muscles ramps up along with the intensity of your workout.

The nature of landmine workouts also places newfound levels of stress on your core, making it surprisingly difficult to keep the bar(s) straight. You also get the benefits of a fat bar workout, if you're doing exercises gripping the barbell sleeve, which will dial up your intensity.

If you're not convinced of the "total body prowess" of landmine workouts, check out this article here.

Here are some more detailed benefits of landmine training to seal the deal.

7 Double Landmine Exercises

1. Viking Press

Want to work your chest and pecs? Hit them from a different angle with the Viking Press.


2. Floor Press

Here's one to work your arms, shoulders and triceps. You have some added difficulty lifting by the sleeves, turning it into a fat bar lift.

3. Row

Hit your back and get some bonus targeting on your arms doing rows. This will be a bit harder than normal, as holding the sleeve turns this into a fat grip lift. You can also change up the angle and ease up on the grip by standing between the barbells, holding the shafts below the bumpers, and lift while facing outward.

4. Goblet Squat

Don't skip leg day. Do your goblet squats to hit your quads, calves, and hammies.

5. Squat (or Squat to Deadlift)

Hit the same muscles as the goblet squat, but with a more comfortable starting position. This also can be easily turned into a squat to deadlift to double up on your lifting please. See below to learn about the squat to deadlift.


6. Seated Double Press

The double landmine attachment version of the shoulder press or seated military press. Targets shoulders and triceps. 

7. Fly

Target your chest and pecs doing some flyes. 


I found this nifty movement. I always love doing compound exercises that double up on the muscle groups worked. 

Get a 2-for-1 in doing squats to deadlifts.

Hope this helps solve the mystery of the double landmine attachment for you. 

If you're all gung-ho about it and ready to drop some bombs on your gains, gear up here.

Do you use a double landmine? Please share your training feedback, workouts and input with us in the comments below. 

Stay awesome Fringe Nation and lift yourselves beyond the ordinary!

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