Why You Should Start Your New Year's Resolutions Now

What's happening, Fringe Fam? We've just surpassed another Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday season and we're headed full steam into the holiday season, which means that the new year is right around the corner. With that, as most of us know, comes resolutions and goal setting for the new year, too.

Most people generally wait until the new year starts to take action on their goals and that is totally justifiable. When you wait until the new year to start your resolutions, you're also acting with the majority of the world at the same time who've also set goals for themselves. The collective motivation is inspiring. It's always easier to start something new and challenging when you've got others around you trying to do the same, so waiting to start is absolutely justified.

Unfortunately, New Year's Resolutions don't usually get enough time in the sun.

According to Strava, most people give up on their goals by January 19th. They believe this so much so that they've actually dubbed the day "Quitters Day." Yikes.

So, we've got a proposal for you, Fringe Fam. 

when to start resolutions

What if you started now?

What if, instead of waiting until January 1st to try something new and start acting on reaching your goals, you gave yourself an entire extra month to get past the slump, reach for the 1st, and 18 days into January? That's a total of 7 weeks. 4 extra weeks, 31 extra days to work on YOU and your goals. You could give yourself the gift of gainz before the holiday season even really commences.

Hear us out.

New Year's Resolutions are generally based around bettering yourself, and a lot of those goals focus on weight loss, getting in shape, gaining more muscle, etc.

If you start NOW, as opposed to January 1st, you're giving yourself 4 extra weeks to make moves toward reaching your goal. 4 extra weeks to get stronger, lose fat, gain muscle, and get ahead. 4 extra weeks to get closer to reaching your goal.

Never mind that the holidays are coming soon, which means indulgence, food, friends, family, and pure enjoyment plus some other feelings too. Give yourself a few weeks of eating on track, crushing your workouts, and consistency before the holidays come around and throw that off a bit. Trust us, a few days worth of holiday indulgence is NOT enough to throw you off the rails, unless you let it.

Here's why you should start NOW.

why you should start your resolutions now

Nothing magical happens in the motivation and drive department in the early hours of January 1, or anytime that day. Nor does anything magical happen on any day of the year without internal, intrinsic motivation and drive coming from YOU and your desire to reach your goals.

You're not going to feel some magical tug to put one, or a few, steps forward, some extra weight on your bar, or push a little harder in your cardio just because the calendar turns over to January 1 and the new year.

You should start now.

It's easier said than done, yes. We know that this is often the case. But, if you start now, you're biting off a little bit that's absolutely chewable now, giving yourself extra time to digest and chew off a little more, and avoiding taking a big, heaping spoonful, shoving it into your mouth, and ultimately spitting out your bite because you can't chew it all. (Maybe that's exactly what you'd be doing anyway LOL)

Starting now, as opposed to January 1, gives you 4 extra weeks and is a LOT less pressure than joining the masses and having to hold strong when everyone else decides to drop like flies. 

Strava's stats on Quitters Day are insane when you think about them. But, that doesn't mean they aren't true. Can you think of a time you've set a resolution and actually kept it, followed through, and sought your goals til you reached them, just because they were a resolution? It's unfortunate that this is the case for the majority of people that set New Year's Resolutions for themselves.

We're not saying resolutions are a bad thing, and shouldn't be set and started on January 1. That's ultimately your choice, Fringe Fam. But, consider giving yourself 4 extra weeks to work at your goal a little bit. Wouldn't it feel good to go into the new year with a leg up on the goal you've got in mind?

Start now, get ahead

Give yourself a leg up, a few steps forward, and extra time to reach your goals. Take a smaller, more chewable chunk instead of a big 'ole bite on the 1st of January, just because it's January 1.

when to start new year's resolutions

Considering many of you purchased new gear during our BFCM sale, you could use that to spark some motivation as we roll right into the holidays. Or, find a workout buddy to keep you accountable and make things a little more fun.

There's generally a TON on our schedules as we complete the year, so joining a friend for some workouts and movement is a great, fun way to make working toward your goals more enjoyable. Then, by the time the first of the year comes around, you're already in the thick of reaching your goals (or getting to it), and it doesn't seem so overwhelming and discouraging because you've already been working at it for 4 weeks.

Tips for getting started and easing into your goals now

  • Drink lots of water - at least half your weight in ounces!
  • Be mindful of your nutrition - try to balance out your macros, prioritize protein, and mostly unprocessed food choices
  • Keep crushing your workouts - this gets harder and harder as schedules fill up with holiday gatherings, parties, shopping, work, and more, but we can guarantee you'll feel so much better, burn off some stress, and stay on track if you make some time for you each day in your garage gym
  • Take things ONE thing at a time - don't try to change everything all at once. Small bites are better than huge ones, and your goals will feel and remain attainable.

We're here to help, Fringe Fam. We want you to reach your goals as much as you do. Let us know if you've got any questions or concerns we can help with to make your goal-reaching process any easier.

Want to find some gear to help you light a fire under your butt? Check out our best-sellers. We've got something for everyone, and there's nothing better than the gift of gainz.

Go get 'em Fringe Fam, now's the time to let your garage gym shine! As always, lift heavy, lift happy, and go after your goals 💪

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