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This week's what was submitted by @nw_fitness_ on Instagram. It's only 500 kettlebells swings, but it's broken down in a way that doesn't make it seem so daunting (or maybe it does). All you'll need is a kettlebell.

Doesn’t take much Get a quick 500 swings in 50swings 25swings 15swings 10swings 60 sec rest between sets X5 @fringesport

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What You'll Need:


The Workout: 

5 Rounds with 60 seconds rest between sets.

  • 50 swings
  • 25 swings
  • 15 swings
  • 10 swings

Susie Sebastian
Susie Sebastian


Susie is the Digital Marketing Specialist here at FringeSport. She's a web nerd and loves being a part of the FringeSport team!