Workout of the Week: Trap Bar Workout

This week's workout was submitted by @_maesjourney_ on Instagram: A Hex "Trap" Bar isn't just for deadlifts and Melanie incorporated it into her routine with a few different movements, along with some other equipment, like some TRX Straps, a Hyperextension Machine, and a Pullup Bar.

We created a workout based on the movements in her post, check it out below.

The Workout:

  • 10, 8, 4x6 Hex Bar Deadlift (Increase Weight to 6s)
  • 4x10 Hex Bar Rows
  • 4x10 Assisted Pullups
  • 4x10 Inverted Rows
  • 4x10 Hyperextensions
  • 3 Rounds Hex Bar Farmer's Carries (down and back length of driveway)