Clamp Collars


Clamp Collars

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4.9/5 of 36 Reviews

By: Fringe Sport

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The Best Ring Around Your Collar

Can't stand downtime between sets? We've got you covered with this quick release pair of durable, 2-inch clamp collars for functional fitness, strength training, weightlifting or powerlifting.  

More importantly, you won't have any concerns while you're pressing overhead, squatting, or doing any Olympic lifts, as this clamp won't ever let the bumpers jiggle around. 

These collars slide on and slide off with ease and the snap-latch design gives you a click to tell you its locked in place. You can even unlock them with a single hand.

The unique design enables smooth on/off without scratching the barbell sleeve, while the rubber insert ensures a tight lock and snug grip. 

The clamp collars fit on standard 2-inch barbells, as well as axle bars. They only weigh 5.2 oz per clip, so you'll never notice them on the bar. 

*Sold in pairs.*

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