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20kg Awesome Orange Barbell


20kg Awesome Orange Barbell

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"The CeraColt" Cerakote Barbell Tames the Frontier

"Make the mind run the body. Never let the body tell the mind what to do. The body will always give up."- George S. Patton

146 years after its debut, the Colt .45 rings loud and proud in the hallowed halls of American history, known as "the gun that won the West."

Thanks to taming the frontier, the legend now stands in a class of its own.

We're paying homage to the icon with The CeraColt cerakote 20 kg barbell.

Locked, loaded and ready to help you tame your final frontier- the mind.

George Patton demonstrated uncanny and timeless wisdom with his quote. Why?

Patton earned his stripes thanks in part to shooting Pancho Villa's second in command with...

...the Colt .45.

"The Equalizer" Coming Soon to a Garage Gym Near You

The Fringe Sport men's 20 kg CeraColt cerakote barbell will be your breakthrough, like the Colt .45 transformed Patton, leading you to new heights of success.

Imagine why the Colt .45 was affectionately nicknamed "the Equalizer."

The CeraColt will do the same to your set and setting, mind and gym.

We aimed to make the CeraColt match the reputation of the Colt .45 known for its stopping power, reliability and simple operation.

We hit the bullseye with the most dependable and versatile addition to your garage gym arsenal, well-suited for Olympic lifting, powerlifting and general training.

The CeraColt will quickly become your go-to barbell, as you come to admire and respect its all-around capabilities and rugged ability to perform equally throughout all your training demands.

Here's why:

  • Born in the U.S.A. American sourced steel, and a maker's mark that will make you the toast of the town. You'll be singing the praises of this bar like The Boss.
  • Tough Enough for Texas Rangers. The only thing that rivals the CeraColt in durability will be the Alamo. Boasting an intimidating 190,000 PSI of tensile strength, the CeraColt will handle any caliber round you load in with ease. You benefit by never worrying about the structural integrity and reliability of your cherished tool.
  • Whip (it Good). Finding that sweet spot intersection of the Venn diagram of stiff and loose, the good whip delivers more hits to your training than a pop band.
  • Spin Control. The soothing, excellent spin will please you like watching a vinyl record turn.
  • First Place Finish. Cerakote finish optimizes grip-friendly, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, and anti-oxidation mix, resulting in an eye-catching, sleek and sexy barbell built to withstand all the toughest conditions, weather elements and threats on your frontier.
  • Low Maintenance. We don't want to remind you of that needy ex, so know there's zero maintenance required for this barbell with Oilite bushings.
  • Lifetime Warranty. You'll never have to worry about breaking bad with us, or bending it like Beckham. We want you to lift off, not to tee you off.
  • Value. After the first P.R.s you vanquish, you'll know why the CeraColt rules as the best value for an American made, Olympic lifting and powerlifting barbell.

Lift Yourself Beyond the Ordinary

When you do, you'll be in fine company.

Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday at the OK Corral, Billy the Kid, Jesse James, Butch Cassidy, Pat Garrett, Buffalo Bill, Annie Oakley, Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders, George Patton and the Texas Rangers all used the Colt .45 contributing to its legendary status.

In fact it all began on January 4, 1847 when a Texas Ranger walked into Samuel Colt's shop and said, "Make me a six-shooter."

Colt followed orders and gave birth to a timeless and cherished saying, of Colt .45 owners.

"God created men equal. Colonel Colt made them equal."

No wonder the gun was loved by lawmen, outlaws, scouts, and cowboys alike.

The Ceracolt will be equally loved by Oly lifters, powerlifters and strength freaks, as it becomes the everyday essential of the wild, garage gym frontier.

We're proud to follow in Mr. Colt's footsteps and humbly attempt to continue his heritage with steel in new tradition.

We're sure the CeraColt, like its mentor, will be there for you for decades and remain just as effective and useful for you as the first day you pulled it out of the holster, erm, tube.

You'll look at it fondly one day, recalling when you were a greenhorn with it in your hands, and how the CeraColt became your ace in the hole, transforming you from a man to myth.

No man galloped into the frontier without their trusty sidearm.

Don't go into your gym outgunned.

The bell tolls high noon, a bead of sweat rolls down your brow, the sun pours into your garage, the CeraColt glinting at your moment of truth.

How will your legend be written?

Product Contents and Specifications

  • Contents: 1 - 20kg Cerakote Barbell
  • Cerakote finish optimizes for grip/feel and anti-oxidation / corrosion / abrasion / wear.
  • Tensile Strength: 190,000 PSI
  • Yield strength: 165,000 PSI
  • Weight capacity: 1,500 lb
  • Weight: 20 kilograms / ~44 pounds
  • Weight Tolerance: +/- .01 lb nominal
  • Collars: 4 Oilite Bushings
  • Whip: Good
  • Spin: Excellent
  • Best Use: Garage Gym, Olympic, or Powerlifting
  • Material: 4000 series turned, ground and polished steel
  • Color: Cerakote finish in various colors
  • Length: 86.50"
  • Sleeve Specs: bright zinc plated, 16.5" loadable sleeve, 50mm diameter
  • Shaft Specs: 28.5mm diameter
  • Knurl: IWF and IPF knurl hash marks, no center knurl
  • *NOTE: Knurling varies on orange and olive barbells.
  • Orange CeraColt has moderate knurl
  • Olive CeraColt has more aggressive knurl
  • Origin: 100% made with pride in the USA
  • Warranty: Full year satisfaction guarantee. Lifetime warranty against bending or breaking.

Cerakote to the Finish Line

The primary use of Cerakote employs it as a type of gun coating and finish. Think of it kind of like 2 in 1 paint and sealant that closely resembles how lacquer serves as a finish and sealant for wood. Although Cerakote doesn't have shellac, it still serves a similar role.

What is Cerakote? Cerakote isn't paint. Cerakote works as a Polymer-Ceramic coating with uses for metals, plastics, polymers and wood. The special properties of Cerakote coating enhance various physical performance properties: abrasion/wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, impact strength, and hardness. Cerakote is a portmanteau of "cera" for ceramic, and "kote", a misspelling of coat.

Cerakote provides distinct advantages compared to other finishes. Cerakote offers a good degree of lubricity, serving as a lubricant after the finish has been applied. Unlike other lubricants, Cerakote attracts much less dirt, dust and other particles, keeping your barbell cleaner and ensuring consistent spin. Cerakote makes a highly effective barrier against oxidation and corrosion. People living in marine environments or on a coast find this advantageous. Cerakote also helps defend against excess sweat (lifting during hot summer months?) and extremely hot and dusty (or the desert?) environments as well.

Originally developed for the military for firearms application, Cerakote protects against corrosion resistance, enhances impact strength (drop barbells much?), and chemical resistance in the most extreme conditions worldwide. If the US military tested and uses Cerakote in the harshest conditions in the world, then it's perfect for your CeraColt barbell.

Cerakote has proven to have excellent corrosion resistance, but metal on metal contact can cause wear over time. If you have unlined j-cups, that repeated re-racking and un-racking can chip at the cerakote coating overtime...just invest in some j-cups with UHMW.

At Your Customer Service

We're so confident of the CeraColt, in a nod to the high production qualities that Samuel Colt developed, that we're granting you a full lifetime warranty against bending or breaking, in addition to our standard Fringe Sport full year satisfaction guarantee, with free returns. Not only do we stand behind our product, but we lift under them too. Whether that means using the CeraColt bar daily at Fringe Sport headquarters (you're invited to come in and workout with us anytime) or offering impeccable customer service. We strive to be your trusted workout partner and trainer. This bar amazes us (and so does our return policy) and if it doesn't do the same for you, give us a call and we'll make it right. Oh, and another thing, we'll let you in on. When you order the CeraColt bar, you get free shipping. We got you. Fringe it, or forget it.

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Brody M.


Awesome bar, army green is a perfect fit for the grit that it offers.

Kit T.

Good bar so far

Only had the bar a month. Wouldnt mind a littke more aggresive gnurling. Love the cerakote. Good spin on the collars. Looks like its gonna be a good WOD bar

Amanda S.

Everything I was looking for

Used this bar for about a month now, for both power lifts and olympic lifts. I can't discern any difference between the Rogue bars I've used (and own) and this one. The cerakote and knurling are a perfect blend of grip and comfort, I'm glad I spent the little extra to get the coating. Another review mentioned the zinc coating getting marked up. The only time I have noticed the black on the sleeves come off is when I loaded a cheaper brand metal plate on it that was not smoothed during manufacturing. A metal burr rubbing against zinc coating will leave a mark, regardless of manufacturing quality. Not the fault of the bar (more like mine for cheaping out on plates). Bumper plates and metal collars leave no scratches. All in all, couldn't be happier with the bar and will definitely buy again from Fringe. Super impressed with the quality at such a great price.

Michael P.

Great bar!

The cerakote is perfect and my wife loves her new bar. Looking to buy another one in the coming weeks.

Benjamin B.

Solid and beautiful

It isn't often that I get to call a piece of equipment beautiful, but the Cerakote Bomba Bar is just that. Accurate and consistent knurling along the shaft make for a sturdy grip on a variety of exercises and well thought out construction makes for great spin on the Olympic lifts. Comparable to my Rogue Cerakote OPB.