Mercury Push Pull Sled


Mercury Push Pull Sled

By: Fringe Sport

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Pushing Mercury Speed

Our Mercury Push Pull sled will have you trained up to be the fleet-footed messenger of the gods in a flash. Not coincidentally, Mercury also acted as the god of everything that required skill and dexterity. Ready to push yourself to the next level of athletic prowess?

We don't promise that our Mercury sled will have you sporting golden sandals with wings that enable you to fly. We do promise you're going to love this sled as it will have you feeling like an NFL linebacker in training camp. 

Electric Slide

As you push our Mercury sled, imagining you're the middle linebacker on your favorite NFL team blasting through the A gap on a blitz, you'll find that the sled slides and glides with surprising smoothness.

You'll be singing the praises of Mercury in no time, and no longer wonder why he was also the god of commerce, travelers and goods transporters. You'll be moving heavy loads at top speed, post-haste. 

Need for Speed

We've designed our Mercury Push Pull Sled with our signature black matte powder coated steel. With an elegant yet rugged look, you'll be more than content to add this to your training arsenal. Outfitted with a center post to load bumper plates onto, and 4 handle inserts to suit your training preferences, you'll be more slip 'n' slide than tough sledding. 

Product Specifications and Dimensions

  • Content: 1 - Push/Pull Sled
  • Weight: 80 lb
  • Weight Capacity: 1,000 lb
  • Full Dimensions: 36 1/4" L x 24 3/4" W x 21" H
  • Handle: 38" H, 1 3/4" diameter
  • Center Weight Pole Dimensions: 18" H, 1 3/4" diameter
  • Material: Steel with Nylon Skis
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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