Tell Us Your Strength Journey Story

Have you improved your life through strength?

Have you found a way to make your life, your attitude, your way of looking at exercise and working out different than it was before?

If you have made a major change in your life - whether that change is losing weight, getting stronger, feeling better or changing your attitude on getting healthier - and you have found a mission in your life to help people travel the same road you have,  Fringe Sport wants to hear your story.


Here at Fringe Sport, we love to hear how your life changed by improving your life through strength, no matter what that "strength" might be.

Did you have a major wake-up call that caused you to decide you needed to make a change?

Did someone introduce you to the joys of jump rope and you knew you had found something you would enjoy breaking a sweat over?

Has a friend taught you how to squat  or bench press and you had an epiphany of what you had been missing all your life?

Did you make a decision to get healthier and feel better and you want to share with everyone how you did that?

We want to hear all about it - everything - so we can share it with the rest of the Fringe Fam!

Whether your journey was one to better health, weight loss, a change in attitude or direction - we want to hear about all of it!

These stories are inspiring to us and to our Fringe Fam members and so the more we can share the better!

Find the information on this form.  We aren't asking specific questions but we give you some ideas on what we want to know and questions to get you started.

You can share whatever you want in your story - but along with the story, we want any pictures you want to share.  Show us before and after - and even during if you have them.

Do you have menus and favorite recipes? Throw those in there as well.

And don't forget to give us any of your Instagram, Facebook or website links so other folks can follow you too!

When you get finished with your story, send it over with the pictures to us at  And then well publish it on our blog and in our email so the Fringe Fam can read about your story and be inspired!

Of course if you have questions, hit us up at the same email, call in to (512) 201-4404 or talk to our superheroes via chat during regular business hours.

And - of course - Lift Heavy Lift Happy!