Contrast Bumper Plate Sets


Contrast Bumper Plate Sets

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By: OneFitWonder by FringeSport

What You Need to Know About Fringe Sport Contrast Bumper Plate Sets

We are excited to introduce you to our new contrast bumper plates by Fringe Sport. We have taken our amazing black bumper plates and made it easier for you to differentiate between weights. With color lettering on both sides, it takes a simple glance to know what size bumper plate you are picking up. 

We designed bumpers that can stand up to the abuse that any fitness enthusiast will put them through. 

Fringe Sport contrast bumper plates are manufactured to go toe to toe with any bumper plate on the market. They are constructed with virgin rubber formulated specifically for its durability, density and low bounce. Most importantly, they go through the most customer-focused manufacturing, quality control and shipping process in the industry so you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality plates and we are taking the utmost care to ensure they arrive to you in pristine condition!

  • Extremely durable, will last for years in a garage or affiliate
  • Expertly designed stainless steel insert that remains firmly seated
  • Higher density means thinner bumpers and you can fit more weight on the bar
  • Weight Tolerance: +/- 10 grams of declared weight
  • Low, dead bounce makes these safe in tight spaces
  • Plates are in pounds and are sold in pairs, and have kilogram weight conversion printed on each plate.
  • Bumper Plate Widths: 55's - 3.25", 45's - 2.9", 35's - 2.35", 25's - 1.87", 15's - 1.2", 10's - 1.05"

Contrast Bumper Set Contents

10/25/45 - 160lbs - $289 SAVE $34
These are all the weights that you will need to get in Olympic lifting with bumper plates. Use the 10s to help with technique to start, and then as you get stronger you can move up to the 25s and 45s and really start pounding the ground with those weights. Traditional iron weights can be used to supplement this set if you need more weight.

15/25/45 - 170lbs - $299 SAVE $38
This set follows the same basic idea as the Entry Level, but instead of 10 lb plates we've turned it up a notch and included a pair of 15 lb plates. 10s are by far the most often destroyed plate because of their size, so this Set aims to eliminate that concern.

10/25/55 - 180lbs - $325 SAVE $38
This set follows the same basic idea as the Entry Level, with another added benefit of a beefier 55 pound plate instead of the 45 pound plates. This is a great set for someone who has already been lifting and knows they need the extra weight. 

10/15/25/45 - 190lbs - $349 SAVE $43
For those that want to make their weight jumps a little smaller and want some additional rubber to add to the bars. The 15s by themselves are still mainly for technique, but their added weight definitely makes them sturdier than the 10 lb bumpers.

10/25/35/45 - 230lbs - $415 Savings $53
What more is there to say? This set is a great option for pretty much anybody that wants to incrementally make gains.

10/25/45/45 - 250lbs - $429 SAVE $63
Who needs the 35 pounder? We threw that out in favor of another 45, to give you 20 more pounds to work with in this set. Because it still has the smaller weights, this is a great option for pretty much anybody that wants to work their way up to some heavy weights.

10/15/25/35/45 - 260lbs - $459 SAVE $78
This 260 pound full set of Fringe Sport bumper plates is a must for the well-stocked home gym. Multiple sets are great for commercial gyms as well. This set comes with 5 pairs of contrast black rubber bumper plates- one set each of 10 pound, 15 pound, 25 pound, 35 pound, and 45 pound plates.

10/15/25/45/45/45 - 370lbs - $609  SAVE $121
This 370 pound set of Fringe Sport bumper plates ensures that all your bases are covered, for 1 or two people. Whether you are a novice lifter or throwing around some real weight, this set has the weights you need. Need to go heavier? You can either add iron in or contact us for a custom quote on a larger package.

10/15/25/35/45/55 - 370lbs - $619 SAVE $127
This 370 pound full set of Fringe Sport bumper plates is a great option for those who want to lift more at their garage gym. This set includes the hurly burly 55b plate to our regular complete package. This comes with 6 pairs of contast rubber bumper plates - one set comes with a pair each of 10 pound, 15 pound, 25 pound, 35 pound, 45 pound, and 55 pound plates. 

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