Sandbells by Hyperwear


Sandbells by Hyperwear

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By: Hyperwear

What You Need to Know About Hyperwear Sandbell For Strength and Conditioning

Hyper Wear's SandBell is a cross between a sandbag, a dumbbell, a barbell, a grip bag, a medicine ball, a slam ball, a stability pod, a gliding disk, and a kettlebell. Made of tough stretchy neoprene, the SandBell is the most versatile and enjoyable functional weight training tool on the market. Sizes range from 2lb to 50lb. Even more amazing is that the SandBell utilizes a patent pending fill mechanism that allows the end user to fill or empty the SandBell with dry play sand. Imagine how much you will save on shipping!

Thick neoprene is soft and stretchy to the touch, but also durable enough to be pulled, yanked, and abused daily. One side shows a Hyper Wear Logo with the SandBell's weight in pounds and kilograms. A colored ring encircles the SandBell, giving a visual indication of the weight.

Specifications: SandBells come in the following weight/colors:

  • 2 lb - Red
  • 4 lb - Yellow
  • 6 lb - Green
  • 8 lb - Blue
  • 10 lb - Indigo
  • 12 lb- Violet
  • 15 lb - Indigo
  • 20 lb - Blue
  • 25 lb - Green
  • 30 lb - Yellow
  • 40 lb - Red
  • 50 lb - Black

Why You Need Sandbells by Hyperwear

Advantages v. Dumbbell and Barbell

  • Safe and soft enough to drop on foot (even at 50lb!) 
  • Grip strength challenged with every exercise 
  • Variable sand density (due to easy fill mechanism) changes grip ability 
  • Shifting sand challenges stabilizing muscles Perform exercises more vigorously without fear of injury 

Advantages v. Kettlebell

  • Grip strength challenge 
  • Shifting sand challenges stabilizing muscles 
  • Variable sand volume which duplicates the characteristics of kettlebell 
  • Soft and safe version of a metal or plastic kettlebell 
  • Snatch with explosive power at any weight 
  • Swing SandBell vigorously without fear of injury 

Advantages v. Slam-Ball, Medicine Ball and Grip Bags

  • Durable enough to slam repeatedly 
  • Increase grip strength when tossed and received 
  • Great deceleration training at any weight 
  • No fear of jammed fingers 
  • Won't roll away when dropped 

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