"No Limits" Programmable Interval Timer


"No Limits" Programmable Interval Timer

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By: FringeSport

What You Need to Know About the "No Limits" Programmable Timer

The No Limits Timer offers a variety of standard functions including; clock display, Stop Watch to hundredths of a second, and several pre-programmed intervals. In addition the timer can be programmed with specific count up to and down from times.

However, the No Limits Timer goes farther than any other timing device on the market with a dynamic display and completely programmable interval system. The number of rounds, length of rest, and length of work can all be set up by the user for total custom intervals. The timer displays the time in red while the numbers of rounds are displayed in big electric blue 4" high numbers that can be seen from several hundred meters away. The timer can save up to eight custom programs.

Timer includes a 1 year warranty for all manufacturer defects. Warranty is void if clock has been opened and/or tampered with.

Altering, opening, or tampering in any way with: the frame, remote, or power connection will void all warranties and liabilities on this product.

Package Contents and Specifications

1 - "No Limits" Programmable Interval Clock Timer and 1 - "No Limits" Clock Timer Remote

  • Dimensions: 13" W x 5" H x 1.5" D, 4" high numbers
  • Weight: 8.6 lbs
  • Warranty: 1 Year - Warranty void if clock has been opened and/or tampered with.

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