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Rig Upright Concrete Mounting Bolts


Rig Upright Concrete Mounting Bolts

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1x Bolt Upright

Introducing our durable and reliable set of Concrete Screws, designed specifically for securely mounting rig uprights to concrete floors. Whether you're a box gym or are garage gymer looking to for hardware to mount your equipment, our concrete screws are the ideal solution for your needs. No need to pay for overpriced hardware at your local hardware store. 

What tools do you need to install? 

1. Power Drill & 10mm  Masonry drill bit - Use need these items to drill your pilot hole into the concrete. 

2. Hammer Drill & 18mm hex socket head - You will need these items to drive the concrete screw into the pilot holes you made in the concrete.

How do you install the concrete screws? 

1. Set your upright(s) up in the positions you want them to be mounted. With a sharpie mark the center points of all of the mounting positions in the upright mounting plates

2. Then take your power drill and 10mm Masonry drill bit and drill a hole 3" into the concrete. 

3. Take your hammer drill with the 18mm hex socket head and drill the M12x75mm concrete anchor into each pilot hole. IMPORTANT TIP : Do not drill one screw complete down before the others on the upright plate. Gradually tighten each screw down to ensure the the upright stays even and flat on the ground.



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