There is no perfect medicine ball. Only close-to-perfect.

A lot of people call the overstuffed medicine balls that you find in boxes "wall balls".


Because most gyms use them for two things- wall balls (the exercise), and for depth checking squats (put it under your butt, then squat until your butt hits the ball).

Oh yeah, and one more thing.

Ball slams.

Even though every manufacturer says "DO NOT DO BALL SLAMS WITH OUR OVERSTUFFED MEDICINE BALLS", people still do it. The med balls eventually bust, and then every manufacturer says "sorry, no warranty."

Or every manufacturer except us. We're the only brand that warranties our "wall balls" against breakage even when used as slammers.

Let's talk about this.

Our design philosophy

When we design a product, we start from the top down. How can we make this product the best possible for our customers? What do our customers need in this product?

We're now on our fourth iteration of overstuffed medicine balls / "wall balls." What are we chasing?

We consider the "platonic ideal" of the medicine ball to be:

  • Durable- doesn't rip, tear, fall apart, leak
  • Evenly weighted at day 1 and day 1000
  • Great texture/feel during a WOD
  • Pass the "grab first test"- if placed in a CF box, members would grab the ball first, instead of other versions of wall balls
  • Visually appealing/cool
  • Amazing value for the money

With our V4 med balls, we are closer to perfection than we've ever been. These are great looking med balls with the best durability yet, and we've got a new stuffing method that promises even weighting on days 1 and 1000.

Oh, and we're not huge believers in "educating customers away from ingrained/common/logical behaviors". So even though we suggest buying our slam balls if you're going to do ball slams, we understand if you use our wall balls for this. 

If this sounds great, check out our V4 med balls. They're the best med balls for your money, we ship them for free and we back them with the best guarantee in the business. Love them, or we'll buy them back from you.

And ending Monday, we're giving you a few bucks off sets. Hey, every little bit helps!

Be well,


PS. That pic at the top of this email is of our V3 med balls. Still a great option, but not as advanced as the V4s.

PPS. We're big fans of Atomic Athlete programming, and we're partnering with Atomic to give away a few lifetime memberships. Check your inbox next week!

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