Pull-ups for days

I started doing kipping pull-ups in 2005.

That's when my functional fitness journey started.

But there was a big problem with kipping pull-ups back then.

It was tough to find a place where you could do them!

Go to the local Globo-gym. If they even had a decent pull-up bar, everyone would look at you like you were insane, doing massive volume of "cheating pull-ups". iPhones weren't a thing back then, but if they were, I would have been in every "CrossFit Fails" YouTube compilation for sure.

Next, try an outdoor (public) pull-up bar. This usually worked well, except... where are the weights? If you were doing Fran, you'd get a warm-up dragging the barbell and plates out of your car and to the pull-up bar, and then a cool-down getting the @#$% things back into your trunk.

Finally, the garage gym. Your sanctuary. The big problem here was that most cages/racks built back then were low and unstable- they were designed for strict pull-ups. Any kipping, and you might tip the whole thing over on top of you!

There had to be a better way. And now, 11 years later, there is.

When we designed the OneFitWonder Squat + Pull-Up Bar, we brought a commercial grade designed 1/2 (quarter?) cage that would withstand any squat you threw at it.... and be kip-friendly.

A few design innovations make this possible:

  • Large footprint for stability
  • Tall uprights to allow adequate ground clearance for the kip
  • Weight horns on the back to allow easy weighting down- the heavier the unit is on the ground, the more stable it is.

Of course, we didn't skimp on the squat performance either- solid 11 gauge 2x3 steel stands up to even beefy 1,000 pound squats, and accepts most aftermarket accessories- try it with our spotter arms.

Oh, and we normally ship this bad boy at $429 including free shipping to your door.


I screwed up.

We make this piece in two different factories.

And I accidentally placed two big orders- one from each factory.


My brain-fart is to your benefit- we are selling these at $343 including free shipping until Monday only.

Seriously. This is a legit rack with pull-up bar, at a crazy low price. I don't think we've ever gone this low on this... and I doubt we'll go this low ever again.

So hop on it...

And I'm going to make sure I drink my coffee BEFORE I place orders in the future.

Lift heavy,


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