7 Killer Yoga Poses to Get Beach Abs

Now is the time to get yourself beach ready. And by "beach ready" we mean having toned abs. Here's your ticket to looking irresistible at the beach with 7 killer yoga poses to get beach abs. 

Yoga is probably the finest gift of India to the modern world. It has been India’s first-choice solution for fitness, vitality, and being disease-free since the Vedic era. Although the ancient science is a spiritual practice, its physical aspect has taken the globe by storm.  Since there is a huge demand for a slim body and abs, Yoga has not disappointed. It has become a great way to get toned abs without getting help from weight machines and heavy dumbbells. 

man doing handstand

Yoga believes in the power and creativity of the body. Yoga follows the natural way of existence on this planet. Yoga is about flexibility, which can be seen in the asanas. It is also about the strength that comes from the movement of body parts during various poses. There are numerous asanas that put pressure on the abdomen to create muscular abs. Let’s have a look at some of the Yoga exercises for strong, sexy abs

Plank Pose (Phalakasana)

Plank is a powerful exercise for toning abdominal muscles, arms, and shoulders. Holding your body weight on your palms needs a lot of power from the body core. The pressure exerted on the belly helps to reduce fat from the belly as well as strengthen the core.

  • How to do: To perform this asana you need to put your palms and toes on the ground to raise the rest of the body above. Make sure the entire body remains in a straight line, from the head to toes. Make this a 20-second practice in the beginning and improve the timing with regular exercise.

 woman in plank pose

Boat Pose (Navasana)

Like a boat helps you go from one side of the river to the other, Boat pose takes you to the healthy side of life. Not does boat pose make for beach abs and a flat belly but the asana also helps you get a great physique in general.

  • How to do: Sit straight on the mat with legs elongated in front. Raise your legs towards the ceiling by lowering the upper body in the backward direction. Only the buttocks should be on the ground and the arms straight and parallel to the ground. Practice this asana for 8-10 minutes in multiple time lapses.

 boat pose

Downward Dog Pose (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

Adho Mukha Svanasana is a popular Yoga pose and is a great benefactor of health. The pose is of great importance in elongating the body muscles and boosting blood circulation.

  • How to do: Lying on the stomach, lift your body up with the help of palms and toes. Make a mountain-like position with the hips at the top. Keep your shoulders, elbows, and knees in a straight position. Hold the asana for 5-10 minutes every day for toned muscles.

 downward dog

Half Moon Pose (Ardha Chandrasana)

Ardha Chandrasana is known for stability and equanimity in the body and mind. Body strength and muscle building are at the core of this exercise, which nourishes the belly region in an awesome way.

  • How to do: The one-legged asana should begin with standing straight on the mat. Raise the left leg and bend the upper body rightward simultaneously till they come in a straight line, parallel to the ground. A T-shape is created with the right leg firmly on the ground. A 5-min practice of Half Moon Pose with palms joined in Namaskar is enough to bring firmness to the abs.

 half moon pose

Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)

Dhanurasana is amazing and a powerhouse of rejuvenation. It stretches almost all the body parts and is an extraordinary way to reinforce the belly muscles. It has been proved to be good for a backache.

  • How to do: Lie flat on the mat with the belly below. Raise your legs and shoulders to let the toes clutched by the hands in the air. Since the exercise is a little challenging to perform, take the help of someone to bring the toes near the fingers. Hold for as much time as you can without letting the body give an unnecessary toll.

 bow pose

Locust Pose (Salabhasana)

Locust Pose is a back-bending exercise, which is extremely beneficial for upper body mobility. Think shoulders, chest, etc. The exercise nourishes the digestive organs and promotes better blood circulation throughout the body.

  • How to do: You should begin to practice this exercise with the support of a wall. During the asana, only the neck, shoulder, and hands are in contact with the ground. The rest of the body makes a curve with the feet directly above the head. Yoga experts recommend 4-7 minutes of Salabhasana in the morning and evening for better health results.

 locust pose

Triangle Pose (Trikonasana)

Trikonasana brings almost all the body parts in motion. It is great for strengthening the thighs and toning the hips. With regular movement, the abdominal muscles are stretched, resulting in the abdominal firmness.

  • How to do: Stand on the Yoga mat with feet wide apart (approx a couple of feet). Bend in the left direction to touch the foot with your left hand and the right one should be in the air like an erect pole. Repeat this on the other side as well to complete the asana. Every day in the morning, one should perform this asana for 15-20 minutes.

 triangle pose


Author Bio : Bipin Baloni is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a Traveller in India. He organizes Ayurvedic Treatment In Kerala. He loves writing and reading books related to yoga, health, nature and the Himalayas. 


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