Sexy People Learn How to Strength Train

Sexy People Learn how to Strength Train

Sex sells we all know that. We’re bombarded daily with images and pictures showing us firm, toned, athletic bodies. We can’t avoid the ubiquity of enhancing our body image.

Perhaps there’s something deeper and more complex going on. The lazy, rote appeals to vanity that get tossed out to us like food pellets to ducks on a pond now seem to be giving way to a genuine, authentic desire to get fit and be healthy.

Although obesity rates are still climbing in the U.S. the numbers of Americans meeting the recommended amount of weekly aerobic exercise are rising. 54% of Americans meet the government’s recommendations for exercise, perhaps the highest level since record-keeping on the issue began.

Gift life a lift. 

Being Healthy is Being Sexy 

What’s going on America? Are we finally realizing that our health matters? It certainly seems this way. What’s most promising about the recent trend of embracing our health might be its organic inspiration. The days of tobacco companies equating smoking with sexiness have been snuffed. Manufactured, affected sexiness is out.

Healthy, self-produced sexiness is in. What does this mean? We’re coming around to the fact that sexiness isn’t something added to our persona like a cheap accessory we buy at Walmart. Rather, sexiness comes from within, from our character, from our self.

A variety of things make someone sexy from a quality sense of humor, to owning a dog and even having a good credit score.  I’m not sure I’ve had anyone after a couple of drinks at the club ask me to show them my FICO score. However, maybe being in decent shape preempted that question. Here’s why taking care of your body makes you sexy.

The look after hearing your FICO score.

You’re saying you have drive, motivation, discipline and self-respect. A lot of damn, hard work goes into staying in shape and keeping up at the gym. The amount of self-care that one shows indicates a healthy level of self-love and who doesn’t find that type of confidence sexy?

That’s why sexy people learn how to strength train, and for a bonus, it extends your life. Having an athletic, attractive figure makes you irresistible. So, how do you get started strength training so you can be irresistible? We’ve done your homework for you and rounded up some of the best resources out there so you can start learning right now. If you're interested in taking up a strength sport, check this out.

Beginning Strength Training Resources

  • Nia Shanks provides a comprehensive, 28 point list that will give you that last nudge you need to start strength training. She reflects on the lessons learned and benefits from 10 years of training. She focuses more on intrinsic benefits. She discusses everything from strength training acting as “a powerful tool for forging greater self-confidence, mental fortitude, and grit,” to noting that after spending lots of time holding a barbell, your bullshit detector works great.
  • Jennifer Cohen, who is a regular on NBC’s Today Show, Extra, The Doctors and Good Morning America offers 7 great tips to guide your first strength training workout. You know the mark of a quality trainer and helpful source of info when “proper technique” is the second item listed. The importance of proper technique when strength training can never be overstated.
  • Here’s an insightful guide from website Very Well Fit. The first thing that jumped out at me is at the top of the article, it notes “reviewed by Richard N. Fogoros, MD.” The legitimacy and credibility this provides gives comfort in an era of unreliable information sources. The guide helps you choose movements by muscle group, define your reps, sets and weights, as well as outlining a basic first workout.

Be a BIG tipper.

  • Website Self offers this 10 tip list to get on the fitness train. I like how the advice starts with doing bodyweight exercises. Not all of us are regulars at the gym already, and beginners need to keep the ceiling low. This article also touches on the importance of stretching, proper diet and rest, which others do not.
  • Finally, do check out this comprehensive guide from our friends over at Nerd Fitness. We love what they do over there. This is one of the best guides I’ve seen and offers a ton of information and value. You’d be doing yourself a disservice by not delving into this.

Beginner Strength Training Videos

If reading isn’t your thing and you prefer to watch and listen, here’s the video roundup of some of the best beginner strength training available on the internet.

Here's a short and sweet, physiological overview of the changes your body undergoes once you start exercising.

Before starting anything, I prefer to research the hell out of it. In my humble opinion, I'd like to know a doctor's perspective first, before l do anything a trainer suggests. 

Here's a straightforward workout that mixes up some nice elements and can be done in 30 minutes at home. 

This workout is my favorite of the bunch. I'm getting some in-house training now from Nick, and I feel that this is training he'd give me. This one is the closest you can get to having your own personal trainer who gives you a rock-solid workout.

Finally, if you're ready to level up to barbell work and weights, here's a quality strength training program for beginners.

Hope everyone gets to the gym and hits their training hard. Keep up the willpower and discipline.

If you have any resources, hints, tips or beginning strength training programs, please share them in the comments below. We'd love to provide more.

Thanks for reading Fringe Nation. Stay awesome and gift life a lift!

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