A word from our Fringe Fam: Bonehead Ruck Weight Review from ruck.beer

What's up, Fringe Fam?! We know you've seen our new Bonehead Ruck Weight Plates, and if you haven't, what are you doing?? Check them out here.

bonehead ruck weight

These Bonehead Ruck Weight Plates are rucking hardcore. These weights come in 10lb, 20lb, 30lb and 45lb sizes, so there's a little something for everyone.

They're perfect for slipping into your rucksack and getting your ruck on, and because they feature handles on both ends, they're perfect for so much more. If you can do it with a kettlebell, you can probably do it with our Bonehead Ruck Weight Plate. Swings, presses, your favorite weighted flow... anything is possible with these bad boys.

Our friend Ryan over at ruck.beer so kindly reviewed our Bonehead Plates recently, and we thought the Fringe Fam deserved to be in the loop.

 Ryan has called them "the hottest ruck weights I've ever seen..." and we so graciously accept the compliment. These ruck weight plates are HOT, but cool to the touch and easy to grip because they're cast iron covered in matte black powder coating for no-slip grip (just like our kettlebells).

Check out Ryan's video above and get yourself a badass, skull shaped Bonehead Ruck Weight Plate. If you're new to the rucking game, we recommend starting out with a 10lb plate to get a feel for it, but trust us... get your hands on one of these Boneheads and you'll be hooked. We offer a set of all sizes just in case you can't resist ;)

Questions about our Bonehead Ruck Weight Plates, rucking, or how to use the plate? Let us know in the comments below, send us a message on our site, or email us at team@fringesport.com. We're happy to help you get your ruck on.


As always, ruck heavy, ruck happy :)

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