Are Air Bikes Good For Beginners?

Air bikes have hit the market in recent years and have become a super hot commodity, and for good reason. If nothing else, an air bike is one of the pieces of cardio equipment we recommend most because it's uses are so versatile, and literally everyone can use it.

An air bike is an excellent tool because its simple: hop on, put your feet on the peddles, grab the handles, and ride off into the sunset. You don't even have to know how to ride a regular bike! No balance required.

fringesport air bike

We went the extra mile with our Raptor Air Bike. We wanted to not only do an air bike we'd be proud of, but blow other air bikes out of the water. So, we did.

Our air bike includes all the bells and whistles that others call "add-ons" and charge you for. We want you to be able to choose whether or not you want to feel the wind in your hair, or keep your hair perfectly coiffed. We want you to stay hydrated, so we added a water bottle holder for your convenience. You don't have to hop off on longer rides to take a swig.

Not only have we paid attention to the little things, we've built out our Raptor air bike with the highest quality heavy-duty steel and included a full-steel welded fan - no plastic fan blades allowed. We also made this bike belt-driven for super, super low maintenance so you can have more time to work on yourself on the bike instead of the bike itself.

Anyway, let's talk about air bikes for beginners.

fringe airbike

Air bikes are a SUPER simple way to increase your cardiovascular endurance. The bike works as hard as you do. You choose your output, speed, goals, and hop on and ride. You can take the Raptor for a leisurely spin for some light movement and cardio, or really go at it and get your heart pumping while you sweat. The Raptor will match you - the harder you push, the more resistance you'll feel.

We love the Raptor air bike for this reason. Anyone, and we mean anyone, can do it. No matter the injury (as long as it pertains to limbs), no matter your age, and no matter your skill or fitness level. 

An air bike in your arsenal not only will help you increase your cardiovascular endurance, but muscle endurance and strength as well. The Raptor plays no favorites. It goes after your entire body, instead of targeting one or a few muscle groups while you work. The Raptor, like any other air bike, is truly the most bang for your buck cardio machine out there because you can work so much of your body on one piece of equipment.


On an air bike, there's truly no thinking involved. There's no form to master, like on a rower or a treadmill. Plus, we've loaded ours with a soft, comfortable seat for no sore cheeks no matter how long you pedal for. The movement is easy to perform regardless of using both arms and legs, just arms, or just legs. You're not going anywhere, so little attention is necessary if you need to multi-task while you pedal.

fringe airbike

The Raptor is great for metabolic conditioning, but it's also super convenient when an injury does crop up because it's so low-impact and can be used gently and slowly to help increase blood flow to an affected area without stressing your joints and making the injury worse. This allows for a super low-impact full-body workout so when you're injured, you're not also confined to the couch. You can pedal with one arm and two legs, or both arms and one leg, or both legs or both arms. How versatile!

Thrown into your workouts or workout routine, the air bike is an excellent tool to increase cardio endurance, muscle strength and endurance, and change up your workouts to no end.

Long story short, a Raptor air bike is an excellent investment in a piece of cardio equipment for beginners, experts, those in between, those injured, those healthy, fit or unfit and working on it.

A Raptor air bike in your arsenal is never a bad idea. Get yourself a Raptor and you're in for endless workouts, cardio endurance, and fitness like you've never experienced.

As always, lift heavy, lift happy, and get yourself a Raptor Air Bike ;) 

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