Christmas Eve Karaoke With Fringe Sport - Come Sing Along!

Happy Christmas Eve, Fringe Fam! We know you're eagerly awaiting Santa and all the gear you asked for this year.

Of course, that depends on the naughty and nice factor. Were you good little Fringe boys and girls? 

Since you might be bored while twiddling your thumbs waiting for the sneaky gift toting head elf, we wanted to give you some Christmas songs to sing.

You know we wouldn't just give you the same ole boring "All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth" type songs- we had to give them a Fringe-y twist.

So grab the salt water gargle and warm up the vocal chords. We want to hear you singing loud and proud. 


(Sing to the tune of "Winter Wonderland ")
Dumbbells ring, are you lifting?  In the gym, sleds are glistening.
The plates are all stacked and  We're getting jacked
Lifting in a Fringe-y wonderland

(Sing to the tune of "Jingle Bells")
Kettlebells, Kettlebells   All around the gym
We all love those kettlebells  Her and her and hi-im
Kettlebells, kettlebells   Rolling to and fro
Lift and snatch and toss around  To make those muscles grow

(sing to the tune of “White Christmas”)
I’m dreaming of a Fringe Christmas  With every plate and bar I know
Where the squat racks glisten and Lifters listen to hear if dumbbells drop oh NO!
Oh, I’m dreaming of a Fringe Christmas With every strength band that I stretch
May your lifts be easy and light And may your kipping pull-ups be tight

(Sing to the tune of “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas”)
Have a super Fringe-y Christmas, It’s the swole time of the year
It’s not too late to grab some plates and add them to your gear 
Have a super Fringe-y Christmas and grab a brand new bar
Pick a rope to climb or jump or even pull the car!

(Sing to the tune of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”)
You better lift good, you better squat right You better keep lifting into the night
Peter Claus is coming to Fringe
He’s making a list of slam balls and bikes
Gym rings with straps for good little tykes
Peter Claus is coming to Fringe

(Sing to the tune of “12 Days of Christmas” - this is the last verse!)
On the 12th day of Christmas, my Fringe Sport sent to me
12 sets of dumbbells
11 heavy kettlebells 
10 immortal wall balls
9 pairs of savage plates
8 stretchy strength bands
7 different speed ropes
6 sandbag fillers
5 super sweet shirts (and hold two, three four)
4 sets of gym rings
3 cool bars 
2 clamp collars
1 heavy duty squat cage.

(Sing to the tune of “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”)
We wish you a Fringe-y Christmas, We wish you a Fringe-y Christmas
We wish you a Fringe-y Christmas and a Sporty New Year
Great home gyms we bring to you and your kin
We wish you a Fringe-y Christmas and a Sporty New Year

All of us here at Fringe Sport hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve waiting on Santa and that he brings you all the gear you asked for in your letter to the North Pole!


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