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On this DIY, we will be covering how to make your own agility ladder!

No longer just for football and soccer players, these ladders are great for everybody at any fitness level.  When it comes to fitness, if you’re a beginner like me, you may be wondering what agility is? And it's simply the ability to move fast easily. 

How can you improve agility? Use an agility ladder!

 agility speed ladder

You may have seen these on football commercials or movies or possibly even IRL at the football or soccer field. For you veterans out there,  you probably have one at your local gym. But there’s just one problem with agility ladders… They can be somewhat unsafe for people who really need to improve their agility game. 

Imagine: You’re already uncoordinated, and now you're trying to move over several pieces of plastic and rope at a quick pace. It’s a recipe for disaster! The person will typically catch their foot on one of the parts and in a best-case scenario, drag the agility ladder out of place and in a worst-case scenario, fall and hurt themselves. This is especially hard for older participants as falls get harder to take. Not only that, but it’s embarrassing!  Imagine dragging the ladder behind you, falling, and then if you’re in a group, having others wait while you nonchalantly dust yourself off and resituate the ladder… only to have it happen again and again until the day comes where you finally become agile...

Not a fun time. 

Enter DIY super cool, super easy, & SUPER SAFE Agility Ladder to save the day. Your knees are already cheering. 

How to Make the Safest Agility Ladder


This agility ladder will make sure no one gets “‘caught up” in any embarrassing moments, is customizable (as duct tape comes in so many cool forms nowadays) and is budget-friendly! Regular duct tape is less than $12 (and you likely already have it) and agility ladders are typically over $25, so it’s a fantastic bargain.


     Both the duct tape and scissors are optional as you likely already have these.

    Step #1 Measure & Snip

    Most agility ladders are about 15 feet in length give or take with 17-inch “rungs” and 15 inches between those rungs. Since duct tape is pretty wide, I extended mine to 17 ft and had 19-inch rungs with 15 inches in between.

    Take a piece of tape and measure 19 inches and then snip snip and tape it down. You’re already on your way!

    Step #2 Repeat!

    Now measure 15 inches from that 19-inch piece and start creating square sections until you reach your desired length.  Mine was 10 squares in total, but yours could vary. Not so bad, huh? And also super easy and safe! Agility is something that so many people forget about in their routines. 

    ★Pro Tip: This is not a travel-friendly ladder. It’s only for indoors and is best with rubber flooring, so it’s garage gym friendly so long as you don’t have concrete floors. If you do have concrete floors, no worries! You can use Gorilla Tape instead. It’s not as fun as the duct tape, but it’s extremely durable and great for uneven surfaces like concrete or stucco. 

    Check out some drills below if you need some inspo. 

    Now that you’re all set, get to drilling!! Snap a video of yourself doing your drills and tag us @fringesport #fringesportDIY

    Guest Post: Sydney Capello

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