Floor-Mount Rack - No Commitment DIY Platform Workaround

Before you completely write off floor-mounted racks because you may be renting or you just want the freedom to move your rack, stick with us. We've had a few of you ask:

Do I have to bolt my rack into the floor?

Well, yes and no. Here's why you would want to and a nifty workaround.

Here's why you would want to bolt it into the ground.

Because two words "Power" "Tools" 🔨🔧 But not only that, if you're lifting some serious weight you don't want to worry about the stability of your rack (our Floor-Mounted Squat Cage has a weight capacity of 1,000lbs). Over prolong un-racking and re-racking, the rack can shift but having it bolted down or mounted will reduce that issue.

It will also give you increased safety, stability, and peace of mind.


We found this YouTube video for a rack that isn't ours but the concept is there.

This gentleman has created a pretty decent weightlifting platform that he has then bolted his rack to. This solution would work well for those that are renters and even home owners. This helps with the shifting and stability, AND you create a pretty sweet homemade platform for at Floor-Mounted Squat Cage.

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