FringeFam - Meet Peter aka PK

My name is...

Peter Keller (But my friends call me PK).

My role at FringeSport is...

Assistant pig keeper! Also, founder and CEO. I founded Fringe 10 years ago.  

My favorite thing about working for FringeSport...

What is not to like about working for Fringe Sport!? We get to help people improve lives through strength. We get to help build amazing garage gyms and grow thriving community gyms. We get to be with a bunch of fit, cool swole and sexy people day in day out (employees and our customers!) It's all amazing. 

My training style is...

My training style is... eclectic. I'm 40 years old now and I've given up on being as strong as I possibly can. Instead, I'm looking at being very well rounded- very fast, very strong, able to do endurance events, etc. I'm also trying to extend my youthful life and vigor.

I train using the precepts of Atomic Athlete here in Austin, Texas. This means a lot of heavy duty compound lifts, kettlebells and functional movements. I also do a lot of sprinting plus a fair bit of running (typically 5-15 mpw). I probably ride my bike 25 miles a week as well. So let's say eclectic but with a functional fitness and endurance focus

My strength/fitness level is...

Pretty darn good for a 40 year old. I'm no longer out there competing in CrossFit style competitions. No desire anymore. I do play competitive (recreational) soccer, and I'm really into that. I also compete in endurance events a few times a year. I'm not concerned with beating anyone, rather achievement and mastery over my own mind and body.

My fitness/strength goals are...

I want to be really strong for a runner, really fast for a weightlifter and be able to go way longer than is probably healthy. 

I pull fitness/strength inspiration from...

I pull fitness and strength inspiration from everyone. Anytime I see somebody who's faster than me, who's stronger than me, who can go longer than me, I think, "If they can do it, I can do it too!"

But really, I pull inspiration from anybody around me who's just not sitting on the couch. One of the things that I talk about a lot is- we're all fighting the couch. Do you do CrossFit? Do you do powerlifting? Do you do running? Do you bike? Swim? Do you bodyweight stuff?

We're all fighting entropy or lackadaisical-ness, or a sedentary lifestyle. So everyone who is making the decision to do something hard today to be more fit than they were before. That's who inspires me. 

My favorite workout or exercise to do is...

I love trail running. Trail running is just the I take every chance I can to do that.

In terms of a strength and conditioning type exercises that you would do in the gym- my man is 100 sandbag get ups for time. If you're male, use an 80 pound sandbag. If you're female, use a 60 pound sandbag. All you do, is boom, pick that sandbag up, put it on your shoulder. Then sit down and lie back. Then stand back up. That's it! Now repeat 99 more times. If you can do 100 in 10 minutes. My hat is off to you. It's a beat-down no matter how fit you are. There's a lot of mental toughness there as well. 

My favorite piece(s) of equipment to use...

Man, that's a great one. I would say a pull up bar if you had to take away my beloved barbell. I think you can get a really awesome level of fitness with just bodyweight. But you need some way to hang and then pull. So I say a pull up bar I couldn't live without. But I would cry if I could never use a barbell.

My favorite place to workout is....

This is crazy. I have an amazing garage gym. I also own the only free gym in the US. But I have to say my favorite place to work out is Atomic Athlete in Austin, Texas. When I just walk in the door of Atomic, I just see all these people that I know. I get pumped up. It's just a great community, great people, great training methodology. It just gets me right in the heart.

My favorite way to make gains or workout routine is...

My favorite way to make gains or workout routine is definitely to have a plan and have it on my calendar.

If it's not on my calendar, I'm not going to do it. If it is on my calendar, I'm <probably> going to do it. So one of the things that I do is I schedule everything that needs to be done on my calendar, and then that makes it happen.

 My favorite piece of equipment from FringeSport and why...

I really love our sandbags. I think that they're the best "misery for dollar". And ours are inexpensive and super heavy duty.

You can just torture yourself in so many ways with a sandbag. A sandbag loaded to 80 pounds can rock and roll all night. 

What are your hobbies outside of Fringe Sport and working out?

None! I don't do anything other than this.


I actually do quite a bit. I ride my bike four miles first thing most mornings. Sometimes even longer than 4 miles. I love to ride bikes.

I already mentioned playing soccer. I absolutely love to play soccer.

I love to read, I love to travel. I've got a beautiful wife and two beautiful daughters. And I love hanging out with them.

I also love swimming. I love entrepreneurship. I'm very involved in a few community organizations that foster entrepreneurship. I really do think that's how we make the largest amount of change in the world- through entrepreneurship.

I hope that you got to know me a little bit better. If you have lasted this post, kudos to you. It is just going to feed my narcissism. Kidding!

Any questions? Leave a comment below. And if you like what we're doing at Fringe Sport, tell a friend please. Lift Heavy, Lift Happy!

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