What is Atomic Athlete?

I've been training with Atomic Athlete here in Austin for the past 6 months and I'm very happy with the programming and community. Atomic's hybrid programming has been challenging, but I've seen gains in strength, as well as maintaining my speed and stamina- which is a priority for me as I have an unbreakable endurance addiction.

Diego Centeno at Atomic Athlete

So what is Atomic?


In short, the Atomic Athlete Hybrid Athlete programming aims to produce athletes who excel across their 3 main components of fitness:

  • Strength
  • Work capacity
  • Aerobic capacity (stamina)

Atomic also focuses on the mental toughness of athletes, and tries to avoid injury through focus on mobility and durability.

Jarrod Freshour at Atomic Athlete

To accomplish this, Atomic utilizes a concept called fluid periodization. Fluid periodization was developed by Rob of Mountain Athlete, and as applied by Atomic forms a succession of 9 week cycles:

  • 3 weeks of strength work, establishing and working off of percentages of 1RMs
  • 3 weeks of work capacity, working in the 3-30 minute time domain (work capacity training often looks and feels like a WOD)
  • 3 weeks of stamina work, working in the 30-120 minute time domain

Mental toughness is training in all aspects of the fluid periodization schedule, and mobility work is included every training session (and encouraged outside of training as well).

Annie Quach at Atomic Athlete

I'm lucky to train at Atomic in Austin, but they recently launched their programming online. Find out more and enroll here. I look forward to meeting more Atomic Athletes!


Atomic Athlete 



  • Peter

    Awesome Laura! I’ve done a few operator sessions as well. Good stuff!

  • Laura Howard

    I subscribe to Rob’s Military Athlete Operator Sessions. He is top notch. It is my opinion that to have true GPP, this endurance training must be considered. Thanks for bringing awareness to this style of training.

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