How Social Media Impacts Exercise Motivation

At times, it can feel as though social media’s sole purpose is to give us too many food photos, wild internet debates, and the usual petty drama between old high school friends. While (admittedly) those can be interesting at times, it’s actually not all social media is good for.

While everyone’s fitness journey is different, social media is a great resource to utilize for exercise ideas, motivation, and friendly advice. It’s also a great way to have access to more fitness communities — meaning you can find the right group with the same goals as you and finally stop procrastinating.

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It’s fair to say that motivation is easily one of the biggest challenges when it comes to exercise. Considering the job of juggling work, school, kids, and life, in general, is enough to make you exhausted, trying to keep up on your fitness journey can quickly become overwhelming. Whether you’re a veteran athlete or an exercise newbie, by using social media to your advantage you can stay motivated and keep working towards those important fitness goals.

Everything in Moderation

It’s no secret that social media is having a powerful effect on many sectors of the world, from public administration to small business marketing. According to Rutgers University, “Social media usage has affected areas such as politics and political debate, civic life, the method of news consumption and communication, teenagers and parenting, stress levels, and methods of receiving and sharing health information.” Of course, it can all be a blessing and a curse — especially when it comes to being open about your fitness adventure.

When sharing your own personal experiences on social media, it’s important to always keep in mind the audience you’ll be sharing it with. Sharing this kind of journey isn’t a new thing, but that doesn’t mean you should throw caution to the wind. With that being said, when you are able to express some of your vulnerabilities, challenges, and successes online, having the support of a community can be the exact thing you need on both the hard days and the good ones.

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With social media on your side:

  • It’s easier to hold yourself accountable.
  • The desire to share your success can motivate you to work harder.
  • Tracking the changes in your diet, body, and mood is more apparent and easier.
  • It’s easier to feel more positive thanks to uplifting, motivational comments from others.
  • You can find creative workout challenges.

While it’s still worth taking breaks from social media occasionally, using it as a tool rather than a crutch can help keep your wellness goals on track and keep you focused on your next challenge.

A Good Influence

The best part about social media is the connection with friends, colleagues, and strangers you are able to make — from almost anywhere in the world. This has effectively had a widespread influence on many industries and is transforming how business professionals connect with each other. When it comes to the business side of fitness, building up those connections is essential.

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Perhaps during your wellness adventure, you discovered a passion for yoga or spinning, and you’re ready to start teaching classes of your own. Starting up your own business is never easy, but thanks to social media, you have a chance to not only influence and motivate others, but help spread the word of your major milestones. Whether that’s opening up your own studio, selling your own meal prep service, or teaching classes part-time at your local gym — developing a social media presence can help further your success.

You can also reach significantly more people via social media than word of mouth. Moreover, it’s highly possible, thanks to your new found connections, to avoid many of the usual pitfalls new businesses face (or at the very least help you feel better when something does go awry). Following good influences online and striving to be a good influence yourself is a great way to turn fitness and wellness into something more than a chore.


Final Thoughts

Social media often has a key role in our lives. Of course, some utilize it more than others, and some people feel completely better of without it. However, there is something to be said about social media and its ability to help motivate us in all aspects of life — not just fitness.

While it’s important to avoid comparing yourself to others and to take everything you see posted online with a grain of salt, using social media as a way to feel more connected, more motivated, and overall proud of your accomplishments is a healthy, worthwhile way to employ today’s technology. Good luck!

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